Sunday, July 5, 2015


After a little more rain overnight coupled with the rain we got yesterday evening I emptied 4/10ths inch from the gauge this morning at chore time.
It is an unseasonably cool morning, only 59 degrees.
Church was different today, both our pastors are on mission trip so we had a visiting speaker, William Harden, who was a very young preacher. He did a good job of preaching a very common sermon.
We honored all our patriots from each branch of the service. I am always surprised at the number of these soldiers each year.
Lunch time was very different also as hubbie and I ate some of last night's left overs alone today.
#1 son's family who rested this morning came in later for a quick bite before heading out to Lowes to get a new storm door. #2 son was golfing today, daughter went with Josh to church then out to eat,Aa's family are visiting family.
Hubbie and I went to check on a missing cow from Aa's herd across the road and found this new mama and her new born baby doing fine.

We headed into town to do my baking supply shopping and get chicken feed at Tractor Supply with a coupon that expires after today.
When we got home daughter and Josh were here getting some of the left overs for their supper tonight. After a short visit they left and hubbie and I watched it rain for a  little while before choretime.
The rain was harder in town when we were there and still not much more than a shower for our area.
The flood watches got closer to our area today but we still need a good soaking rain.
However I am thankful for what we have received and thankful that we are not flooding as some of the more western counties are.
After chores hubbie and I ate some Greek salad for supper and then watched the end of the women's world cup soccer game which the USA won 5-2.
The weather outside also followed the "different" pattern today as the,upper 60's felt more like a late Fall evening than July and made me get out some long pants this evening for my outside activities.
I caught up my blog book reading , wrote this blog post and am heading to bed early tonight to begin another busy summer week.
Thanking God for the blessings of this day and asking for guidance in the coming days.
Good Night and God Bless

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linda m said...

Glad you had such a wonderful weekend. It must really be nice to be able to spend time with family and friends. My hubby and I don't have family living near by so mostly it is just the two of us. It is starting to get "dry" around here, so hopefully we get some rain in the next day or two. Blessings