Monday, July 13, 2015


A cloudy cooler morning was a nice surprise today. G-son and hubbie were having breakfast when I got up. After chores we decided to pick green beans this morning instead of waiting until the cool of the evening, which might be rainy if we are lucky.
Re brought the kids over and helped. We picked 2  1/2  bushels of beans before the sun won the battle with the clouds and the heat of the day set in.
We all had lunch here of yesterday's left overs. Re is feeling much better from her recent bought with a fever and rash. Aa came by for lunch here from his work also.  I was very glad to get rid of that many left overs.
G-son and EL played some with his games while baby BB rolled around and wanted to put everything he could reach into his mouth. I think he is cutting more teeth to go with the 2 bottom ones he already has.
After lunch they all left to go home and get their naps.
I got laundry started and hubbie began to break beans. It is in the upper 80's again this afternoon but there is a nice breeze out in the outside patio so that is where I joined hubbie to help break the beans.
Between only 2 laundry loads today I decided to start pressure canning some of the already broke beans.
I got 2 canner fulls which is 14 quarts done by supper time. But we still have at least 3 more canners to do tomorrow.
D-in-love picked up g-son and then #2 son came by for his share of the left overs. We didn't get to see him yesterday so it was nice to have a visit today.
Hubbie and I did get a short break to watch the storm clouds roll in this evening before we came inside.

These dark clouds brought a short sprinkle of rain but I am glad  we didn't get the severe storms,hail and winds that some close counties got.
Hubbie was tired and went on to bed early tonight.  I decided since it is almost the middle of the month, already !!  (how did that happen??)  I needed to get the decade pics for July out and copy them.
There was something for every July in the  xxx5's starting in 1935 so it took a while to get that done tonight.
In July 1935 my paternal grandfather married for the second time. Notice that he was 75 and married a 60 year old woman, he was no dummy !!!

As I listen to the late news tonight I pray for the folks in the severe weather today and pray that it be God's will for it to be a calmer day tomorrow.
Grateful for the blessings of this day and asking for continued grace and guidance in the upcoming days.
Good Night and God Bless

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linda m said...

We had severe weather yesterday morning which might have been what you got yesterday also. Today is very hot and very humid. Your grandfather was no dummy marrying a younger woman. haha Blessings