Friday, July 10, 2015


Whew, hot already today as I did the chores and took my morning walk. I was sweating and the thought hit me as I came inside I carried my camera but didn't see a thing to photograph today. There wasn't many animals or birds stirring around in this heat even this early. Pretty blooms are wilting away and even the nice green colors we have had are starting to turn brown it is so dry and hot.
Daughter sent me these pics as she drove out of her housing development this morning on her way to pick blackberries. She followed this mama deer and baby fawn around the curve just below her house.

Back inside I baked 12 caramel, 1 coconut, 1 chocolate and 4 pound cakes before lunch.
I caught up on some little inside task then braved the 91 degree sunshine for a little yard and garden work. Whew, it doesn't take long for me to get soaking wet with sweat out there.
After hubbie came in from work we took a break and then headed back up to the garden with Re and the kids to gather all the beets we planted. Re loves pickled beets so she  will be battling that task during the kids sleep time tonight and tomorrow.
She left the kids with us and went to Walmart after we got all the beets pulled up and the tops cut off to get canning jars.
El wanted to see g-son so we all walked down to their house.
El likes to push little brother in the stroller.

She's just not very good at keeping the stroller on a straight path !!!
Son has been working on Doggit Mountain in Madison county this week building a road for a customer of the grading company he now works for. He is in the middle as he and Bobby Medlin discuss with the property owner on the left what needs to be done. This is a beautiful view !!!
This was taken by son from his track hoe seat.
After a nice visit Re came back and took the kids home for bedtime.
Hubbie and I walked back to the house and I finished the evening in the kitchen icing cakes. I made it to bed after midnight again !
I am typing this of course during a slow time at market on Saturday and back dating it.
I am very grateful to the Lord for another blessed day.
God Bless

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