Thursday, July 9, 2015


Up and out to get things done and head to market on this already hot morning. Thankfully Bernie is acting better this morning but still isn't eating much.
Daughter was already at market with her blackberries and baked goods set up. She helped me unload and set up then she left for a volleyball open gym.
I sold pretty well all morning, both berries and baked goods. I am thankful for the sales of the day.
When daughter got back she went up town and got us a sandwich for lunch.   That's one of the good things about having her there, at least each of us can leave the table for things.
I bought fresh corn and some fresh kale that looked so good from one of the neighbor vendors and another vendor gave me a bag of cucumbers at closing time that he didn't sell,that means cucumber salad for Sunday's lunch.
I stopped at the bank then Aldi and Walmart for baking supplies and groceries on the way home. The heat of the day is bothering me today more than usual for some reason. It always amazes me at how when the temperature gets above 90 it seems so much hotter.
When I got home I unloaded then took a much needed break while watching the news. Hubbie who was zapped by working outside in the heat all day also took a break. We napped on and off until the news went off. We did chores and gleaned the garden for more squash and a few cucumbers.
That little bit of rain that we received yesterday jump started some of the produce, especially the green beans.
Our area of Henderson county is now in a moderate drought.
Seems this is one of those years that the rains stop and don't cross the interstate.
I made a kale and carrot salad tonight for supper that was very tasty using cole slaw dressing.
Hubbie and I ended the day as usual sitting out in the covered patio. I am so thankful this year that the mosquitoes are staying away so we can end each day out there instead of inside.
Catching up on some tasks tonight then headed for an earlier bedtime.
So thankful for the love of our Heavenly Father and trusting in His will.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

My body doesn't do well in high heat and humidity. I seem to lose all my strength. So far this year, here in Wisconsin< our Summer has been on the cool side. It cools down at night into the high 50's and heats up during the day to the 70's. Plus we are experiencing lower humidity levels. Hubby and I are loving it. Have a wonderful weekend and God Bless you.