Tuesday, July 21, 2015


G-son arrived at 7am and was ready for his breakfast of waffles and chocolate milk. I was expecting EL and BB today also as Re worked last night but she got off at 3am so she was staying with them today and sleeping while they took naps.
I did the chores, ate my breakfast and took a walk. The morning is very cloudy and humid after the rain last night.
I saw that the blackberries needed picking as I walked by so I picked this less than 1/2 bowl of berries for the freezer.  This is significantly less berries than last year with the dry weather this year.
After lunch I did some housecleaning and then the storms began. The sky looked very dark and the thunder was really close but the rain was again light , only 3/10ths inch here with high winds.
G-son and I sat in the sunroom and watched the storm pass .
His dad got rained out of his work and came after him earlier than usual.
After chores tonight I cleaned out another hen house and put new fresh shavings and straw in it. The hens were unimpressed !!!!
Hubbie and I gleaned the garden and relaxed for a few minutes before darkness fell tonight.
Back in July of 1985 we were having summer fun with three small kids.

We had a big St Bernard dog named Sugar at that time.
But for the life of me I do not remember anything about this dog. He must have been one of ours since I made a pic of him but don't have any memories. Looks like a Cocker Spaniel.
We were driving a cream colored Monte Carlo pictured behind #2 son in this picture. With three kids it was a tight squeeze to get three car seats in the back seat of it and the trunk didn't have much room .
We traded it in on a 1985 Chevy Blazer that we had ordered and arrived that month.
I loved this vehicle with all the hauling room behind the back seat.
We also pulled a boat and a camper at times with this SUV and the 4-wheel drive was nice in the snow as at that time both hubbie and I had full time jobs in Arden.
Today was quite different than I was expecting but it was another blessings filled day. I am very thankful to God for all the answered prayers. I am praying tonight for the friend, Angela Lancaster, who had the ruptured Aorta last week as she is not doing well at all even after they fixed her heart. It is predicted she flat lined in the ambulance for about 8 minutes before they could revive her on the way to Mission hospital so they have no idea how much damage that did. Yesterday they discovered she had had a stroke and today her kidneys are failing. Praying for her son , daughters, husband and grandson.
Good Night and God Bless.

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