Tuesday, July 14, 2015


I woke to the sound of thunder this morning as g-son arrived at 7am. I figured none of the animals would want out in the storm so after I fixed g-son his breakfast I layed back down to wait until the storm passed.
It passed without too much noise and very little rain. I headed out to do the morning chores with only a hat on to catch the dripping rain from the trees.
After breakfast I got out the canner and the broken green beans from yesterday and waited for Re to get here with more jars to start the canning.
We canned beans all day, a total of 41 quarts ,whew !!!
The kids were pretty good , g-son and El played  well together and BB took his naps and watched all the activity in the kitchen between them.

Re and I were both exhausted by the time the men came in this evening.
Aa had went to the meeting held about the Duke Energy transmission lines and our entire farm is in one of the multiple routes that they are looking at. So is #1 son's house and his rental house.
The map looks like a spider web and I surely don't understand all the zigs and zags that are in these routes.  There is another meeting next week closer to here so hubbie and I plan to attend that meeting with some questions. The yellow lines are prospective routes for the 230 kilovolt high voltage line.
The bad thing about this is we now have to wonder for 6 months if the route they choose is the one that goes through our property !
The clouds hung around all day today and the thunder began again late this afternoon bringing these weird looking clouds.
We only got about 4/10ths inch of rain out of the storms today.  But at least we didn't get the severe weather again that some of the neighboring counties around received.
After chores tonight hubbie and I walked around the farm in the nice cool breezy evening.
It is a reality now that by this time next year we could be living a very different life.  These next 6 months are not going to be an easy time in any of our lives but with God by my side I know that they will be okay .
God is my rock and I know His will is always best.
Good Night and God Bless

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linda m said...

Those are some wicked looking clouds. Sorry to hear that your family is being affected by the power company. Six months can be a lifetime to some people. Only God knows what is in store for you. Praying for you. Blessings