Sunday, July 19, 2015


As I headed out to do the chores this morning I thanked God for a beautiful Lord's day.
Church was special today with the children putting on the VBS musical to get everyone ready for Bible School that begins next Sunday night. The stage was all decorated with the "journey" VBS theme.
The kids did a fabulous job of presenting the gospel through song and a little skit.
G-son was super glad to be able to be in this musical this year as we are usually at the beach during VBS. He was singing his little heart out !!!!

My favorite picture !!!
After the play there was a very special happening, actually 2 very special happenings.  First a very special young man who I taught in VBS several years when helping daughter came forward to be baptized today.  Second a young man stood before the congregation and asked forgiveness for breaking into our church and stealing some musical instruments which were recently returned after this young man bragged to a friend about what he had done and the friend turned him into the police.
Hopefully his heartfelt apology is the start on the trip down the "right" road for this young man after the love and forgiveness shown him from our congregation this morning.
We had lunch with everyone here except daughter who is at the beach with Josh and his family and #2 son who is probably golfing on this pretty day.
After everyone left for various Sunday afternoon activities hubbie and I settled in for a nice relaxing evening.
As the sun set tonight on a few fleeting clouds my phone rang.......
Daughter was on the line with the news that Josh had just proposed to her !!!!
Last Friday evening Josh had came by here to pick up some things they wanted to take to the beach and had asked for Hubbie's and my blessing on his intentions.
We both think Josh will be a very good husband to daughter so we were thrilled with the news.
His brother and sister-in-law were with them tonight to photograph the special occasion.

And oh yes, the ring. He showed it to us Friday and I knew she would love it .......
CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    
Add another special event to my next year of activity !!!!!!!
Back to reality here at home the day was another hot one at 92 but the forecast is a little cooler for the rest of the week.
As I walked by this Moon Flower Plant I bought last spring it had these 2 big blooms on it tonight.
This is a plant instead of the regular vine that I have had before and the sweet scent of these is not as good as the vine and they aren't near as large but they are still a pretty nocturnal flower.
This has been a very memorable day in the life of this family !!!!
I am all smiles tonight and soooooooo happy for my daughter !!!
Good Night and God Bless

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