Friday, September 4, 2015


Uhhhhh !!!!  Apple Festival Friday morning  means the beginning of a very busy day.
After chores and breakfast I ran to Ingles for some salsa seasoning for all the tomatoes and peppers I gathered last night.
Back home I started on a walk but had it cut short by the heat of day already building and knee pain. Not wanting to push my luck with my knee I came inside to cool off and get my baking started.
I baked 6 caramel, 3 chocolate, 1 coconut, 2 pound and 2 blackberry wine cakes and a new easy apple spice cake that I made a muffin from also to sample it and it was delicious.
As I baked I listened to the scanner running in the kitchen about all the heat victims up on the street at the apple festival.
With the 88 degree high here at the farm I'm sure it was pushing 100 up on the paved streets of town.
There were lots of folks who braved the heat on the first day of the festival this year.
They were rewarded with lots of fresh mountain apples.
I had a late lunch then vacuumed and mopped my floors which I have been neglecting for a couple weeks. I mopped myself out the back door and sat in the hot sunshine for a little while getting my daily dose of vitamin D and sweating out all the impurities in my entire body in only a few minutes !
Back inside as soon as the floors dried I started on my salsa making endeaver.
Hubbie stopped by daughters house and brought her baked goods in. She is working the football game concession stand with her volleyball team tonight so she will be extra late getting home.
Thankfully he got here just in time to cut up the jalopeno peppers to go in the salsa. He asked for this salsa to have a little more heat so we put in more hot peppers.
While I cooked the salsa a friend stopped by for a couple cakes they ordered and visited for a few minutes.
After she left I put the salsa in jars and put them into the freezer (can't believe I forgot to get a picture), I made 9 pints for the freezer and 1 quart for the refrigerator to enjoy now.  It does have more heat then the previous batches as evidenced by the sweat beads on hubbie's face while he finished off the little bit left in the pot.
After chores I took a break off my feet for the first time today and watched a beautiful sunset as a front moves into the area supposedly bringing a rainy Saturday.
I finished the evening icing and wrapping all the cakes and getting them ready for market. I'll need to get an extra early start tomorrow to beat the festival traffic.
God is so good all the time and I am forever grateful for His generous blessings.
Good Night and God Bless

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