Saturday, September 5, 2015


Up at 7am to get an early start to this Apple Festival Saturday.
There wasn't any problem finding a parking spot at 8am this morning as we are well ahead of the festival goers who begin arriving around 9am.
Hubbie and I got things set up and I started selling well as folks wanted to get the goods and get out of the crowded streets as quick as they could.
I stayed steadily busy all morning  as hubbie stayed to help. Daughter and g-son came in around 10:00. D-in-love has a baby shower for a friend of hers to attend this morning so daughter picked up g-son for the morning.
They headed up on the streets early to beat the crowds. He had  fun in the game lands.

He also was good at this game and won a giant purple alien.

He called it "his bad dream eater"  and said he was putting it in his bedroom so that it would eat all his bad scary dreams.
Purple alien to watch over you and a big chunk of double chocolate fudge, doesn't get any better !!!!!!
Thank goodness for aunt T !!!!!
Love this little guy, who is not so little any more !!!!
D-in-love came by to pick him up to go to a friends birthday party at Fun Depot in Asheville. He had a very fun day all day today !!!
Daughter met Josh back up on the street with some of his family who had came to town for the festival.
The streets got very crowded as the day was perfect , cloudy and upper 70's temperatures with no rain.

Daughter and Josh came by market and helped me load the Honda. We sold very well today, thankfully.
As I left town the streets were very crowded and even 3 blocks from Main street there was lots of foot traffic.
I made one stop at Aldi  and was glad to get out of town and into the quietness of the country. This is one day out of the year that I love the country !!!
This is a great festival but the streets of our town can't handle this much traffic without major problems.
I don't go up to the festival any more because there are so many people you can't get to the booths to see what the vendors have on Saturday afternoon.  If I could go on Friday that would be the best time but that doesn't happen for me.
It felt good to get unloaded and just spend the afternoon relaxing in the cool sunroom with Bernie on guard.
After chores hubbie and I took hot drinks out to the covered patio and watched the sunset on another apple festival Saturday evening.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!

As I watched the news tonight another storm has formed in the Atlantic. This one named Grace. She is not expected to overcome the dry air she has to travel through to move west so we will see.

I am tired tonight and ready for bed.  D-in-love is having some blood pressure problems tonight so maybe the magic hour is getting closer !!!!
Grateful for the love and blessings of the Lord on this day and each day to come.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

What a wonderful day. G-son sure is getting big. Hope the new baby comes soon. Blessings