Tuesday, September 8, 2015


I got a rude awakening after a pretty sleepless night as racing sirens sounded like they were coming from all directions just after 6am this morning.
I later learned that a young woman who was riding her bicycle to work was hit by two vehicles and killed just out on 64 highway. There were no charges filed as at 6:20 it was pitch dark and she had no reflective gear, lights or helmet and was riding in the oncoming traffic lane.  My prayers go out to this young woman's family as well as the two drivers who hit her. Such a sad situation for all involved.
Back to my sleeplessness, my sinus clogged up and I could hardly breathe, probably caused by inhaling the campfire smoke last evening, coupled with an extra person in our bed.
Fortunately g-son slept pretty good all night and was ready for his wake up call to get ready for school this morning without any trouble. He had waffles for breakfast and watched cartoons. He said this brought back memories!!
He is ready to be a "big brother" !!
An overnight sprinkle brought out the "pea soup" fog this morning as I drove home from dropping him at school. This is my cousin's old dairy farm hidden in the fog.
The cattle in our pasture are ghostly in the thick fog.
The fog is always thicker in these creek bottoms.
The sun was beginning to burn the for off along the mountains.
It's beginning to look Fallish around here !!!
After chores and breakfast I headed over to the hospital to check on son and d-in-love. She had already had her epidural and was resting peacefully when I arrived. Unfortunately she was only dilated to a 4 and was in a holding pattern since the epidural was administered. Son was settled in for a long day.

Her mom and dad were there for support so I stayed until the doctor came in and said this was going to be a long labor.  He said I could beat him back to the hospital when things got moving as my house is closer than his office so I should go home and they would  keep me updated. He went back to his office in Asheville and I came home.
I did some housework and caught up on my blog book reading while waiting to go pick up g-son from school.
He was in a funk when I picked him up because he wanted his sister to be already born. His mom is only at a 5 now so it will be probably a long night !!!!
We got all his homework done but he didn't want to go over and see his mom until the baby was born.
After we hung out outside and played ball ( by his rules) his dad called and said mom had finally made it to an 8 .
Hubbie came home from work about this time so I did the evening chores a bit early again today and headed back over to the hospital. I recall with g-son's birth after she got to an eight things went pretty fast.
I arrived and she was out of the pain she had been in a while before when they let the epidural meds needed to be increased. Anyway that got things moving pretty quickly and they called the doctor who said he would be on his way.
Dr. Cuellar arrived about 6:15 and talked her through the pushing moves before they began. She started pushing at about 6:30 and after about 4 pushes they made her stop as the doctor had left the room on his phone and he had to be summoned as the baby's head was ready to pop right out.
At 6:51 a beautiful little girl entered this world. She weighs 7 lbs, 10 oz and is 21 inches long.

She made no noise at all, not one little whimper but her lungs were clear and that was all that mattered.
She finally cried some when they gave her a shot.
We all got to take our turns welcoming her into the world over the next little while.

Daughter who coached her teams to victories today over cross county rival East Henderson even made it over to get a quick love on her new little niece.
This is a pic taken by a local photographer earlier this evening as she coached her JV team.

And this little guy, well it is an understatement to say he was thrilled to have his baby sister finally here.

G-son is spending another night with us and he is a very tired little boy tonight.  He couldn't wait to get into bed tonight and was promptly asleep. We will probably all sleep in a little in the morning as mom gave him the okay to be late for school.
Thanking the Lord tonight for this precious little miracle He brought into our family's life today.
Good night and God Bless


Gail said...

Blessings to your entire family.

linda m said...

MayGod shower your family with His blessings, especially this new little life. Love the pictures; she is adorable. Blessings

Far Side of Fifty said...

Congratulations to all! Especially that big brother:)