Thursday, September 24, 2015


Up early to let daughter in with her baked goods at 7am.
I got to market earlier but there was no customers yet.  I did end up having a decent day as business warmed up about mid morning.  The weather is a cool 63 degrees and very cloudy today. The forecast is for a significant amount of rain starting tonight. We sure need some rain.
About 10;30 I got a text from school teacher daughter saying her high school was under lock down.
I have the scanner app on my phone so when I turned it on I heard that a woman with a gun had been arrested on the middle school campus that adjoins the high school. Apparently it was the wife of a teacher coming into shoot him. Fortunately the school resource officers intercepted her in the parking lot. As daughter hovered over her 27 students in a small closet in the back of her classroom this was great news as they could come out of their hiding place but were still locked in their classroom for a couple hours while police did a sweep search of both campus.

Sheriff  MacDonald tries to comfort parents at the command center set up at a nearby church.
Thanks to quick action by the SRO's on the two campus this situation was defused in the parking lot and the weapon never entered the school building.
I listened to the action and kept daughter updated until the all clear was given to resume normal classes.
At market all the talk was about what to do about "Old Timey Day" Saturday as the forecasters are calling for hard rains that morning.
It was decided that if the rain last into Saturday morning we will postpone the event until the following Saturday.
Speaking of weather just as a system looks like it might be forming in the gulf this is the latest  date in over 100 years, since 1914, that there hasn't been a hurricane in the gulf of Mexico some where.
As I headed around town to get my regular errands ran and pick up supplies for baking tomorrow I noticed the roads where much busier than normal. As I got notices on my cell phone from the TV station it became apparent why.
I-26 was shut down due to a garbage truck that caught fire.

And with all the extra traffic trying to pick their way through the streets of town and the back roads there was another accident that unfortunately ended in a fatality on the  Spartanburg hwy.
I just prayed to get out of the mess and home safely and God answered my prayers !
After all this mess of a day d-in-love sent me this picture of g-daughter to lift my mood with the caption "raise your hand if you are adorable" !!!!!!!!!!
Just melted all the troubles of the day right away !!
I did the chores and just barely beat the rain as it started to fall with darkness.
God is so good and He blesses me endlessly with so many undeserved blessings it's hard to believe. As I pray for all involved in all of today's mishaps , I hope the love of the Lord helps each and everyone as they deal with the aftermath.
Good Night and God Bless


Gail said...

That's just too much excitement for one day! Glad every thing ended well.

If you have too much rain, we need it badly here.

What a precious child.

Have a blessed evening and much better tomorrow.

linda m said...

That sweet little girl would make anyones troubles melt away. So glad you and your family are okay. What an awful thing to happen and thanking God no one got hurt at the school. Praying for the family of the person killed in the accident. All that excitement would be enough to keep me home for a few days. HAve a great weekend and God Bless you and your family.

Far Side of Fifty said...

What a day! Your new grand is so cute:)