Monday, September 7, 2015


Hit that snooze button  a couple times this morning,just because I could !!!
After getting chores done a bit late to the dismay of the animals who like to keep their strict schedules I had breakfast and got laundry started while hubbie gave Dolly and Bernie their weekly  bath.
I did three loads of laundry this morning while going through my closet and getting rid of some of the things I no longer wear. Hubbie went through some books he had stacked on the headboard and cleaned out some of the storage drawers under our bed and refilled them with different things.
Now I probably won't be able to find anything !!!
After lunch we went to Ingles to pick up some supplies for a cook out this evening at Aa and Re's house.
We took some things over there for the cook out then came home to do more small chores for the afternoon.
Sitting in the living room looking at this apple decor on the wood stove made me think what a perfect weekend this has been for the annual apple festival.

 There have been record crowds this year and today it ends with the apple parade which was on a perfect weather day also as the clouds kept the temps down around 80 degrees for the afternoon as folks lined the streets to watch the parade.
Pat McCroy our NC govenor made it to the parade to show his support for our farmers.
This years apple ambassador was the daughter of our friends who run Grand Dad's apples just out the road.
We did the evening chores early and headed over to help get the cook out set up at Aa's .
A couple friends from church and hubbie and I were the only ones who made it to eat but we had a great time.
We made "hobo samdwiches" and had campfire baked beans with slaw and chips with smores for dessert, yummy .
Just as we got ready to eat this rainbow showed up over the house in this cloud. It was beautiful !!!
These three had a great time and ate until they were ready to pop !!!!!!!
And this one enjoyed the pizza pockets her mom made for her and the smores better than anyone as evidenced by her face !!!!
Baby BB slept through the entire affair and woke up just as everyone was cleaning up and heading home.
We had to leave early to pick this little guy up to spend the night with us as his mom has to be at the hospital at 5:30am to have her labor induced.
It didn't take him long to crawl into bed with Pawpaw and after a quiet conversation they were both snoring. He is going to go to school tomorrow as we don't know at this point how long it will take for her to have the baby or if maybe they may not even totally induce her. It all depends on her far along she is and how she progresses. The doctor wasn't planning on inducing her until maybe Friday but there wasn't any induction spots on Friday or Thursday or Wednesday so she took tomorrow and the doctor said he would just see how she progressed as to what he decided to do.  So there is a chance she won't have the baby tomorrow, we will just have to wait and see.
I'm sure whatever happens tomorrow is going to be an interesting day and probably a looong one !!!!
Praying for God's will to be done with d-in-love and the baby and for His loving, caring arms to hold d-in-love and #1 son as they go through the day.
Good Night and God Bless


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Praying for your daughter-in-law. Blesssings

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thank you ladies, Prayers answered !!!