Monday, September 28, 2015


BOOOO !!!  All the overnight clouds last night here prevented us seeing the full lunar eclipse or the blood moon.
I've seen some photos from other blogger friends in western states and it was a beautiful site.
Oh well I'll only be 79  when it happens again, I'll still be able to lift a camera !!!
We woke to misty rain continuing this morning. After chores and breakfast we looked at each other and decided to do some loafering today since neither of us had anything on our "to do" list for today.
I needed some more of that special Wassail mix I use in my green tea that the Biltmore gatehouse sells so we headed across the mountain to make that our first stop.
Then we took I-40 over to the Farmers Marker. I love this place in the Fall with all the pumpkins and mums.
 There weren't many customers there on this rainy day. We found some really yummy Muscadine grapes and a couple cantalopes that turned out to be the best tasting ones we've had this year !!
From there we made our first trip to the Asheville outlets that recently opened. These remind me of the ones we always go to at the beach.

 I loved this pretty fountain with fire on top.
We found some really good deals. We really didn't go shopping for anything particular but we both found a couple things that were to good of a deal to pass up.
This is a much smaller outlet center than the ones we've been to before and it only took about 2 hours for us to get through all the shops that we were interested in going in and I even took time to try on things in a couple stores. There are still alot of empty stores in here and the big Field and Stream store is opening October 8.   It sure is a better shopping experience than the previous mall that was located here. It was 2:00 and we checked out the food court for lunch but there was only one place and it was Chinese so we came home to eat left overs from yesterday.
We didn't get a drop of rain on us as we shopped but the sky threatened the whole time we were there.
On the way home the rain started sprinkling again but never got much harder. We must have gotten some heavier rain overnight as there was another 1/2 inch in the gauge this evening at chore time.
Looks like September is going out wet and October is coming in wet to break the drought of the last couple months.
When we got home from shopping I spent the rest of the evening doing 3 loads of laundry while hubbie worked on putting an electric wire under the upper pasture fence  to stop Flash and Annie from going in the pasture and barking at Cayenne the horse.
D-in-love and g-daughter stopped by to drop off some things on their way grocery shopping. Little g-daughter is such a precious baby.  Doesn't seem possible that she is already almost 3 weeks old.
Hubbie and I spent a nice quiet evening as the misting rains continue.
Grateful to God for a wonderful day and the grace He shows me every day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Sounds like you enjoyed your rainy day adventure. I love doing things like that. HAs it been 3 weeks already since g-daughter was born. Wow. Raining here today, so I'll do some cleaning. Blessings