Sunday, September 6, 2015


Up to another pretty sunshine filled day and a warm one as we got back into the mid 80's today.
Church was good today.  Our lunch bunch was #1 son's family and Aa's family. We had a delicious beef fillet with corn, green beans, roasted potatoes, roasted cabbage slices and peach cobbler,yum yum.
Aa and Re took the kids home for naps after we ate and #1 son and d-in-love went to Lowes to get a new storm door. G-son stayed with me as hubbie went to a Deacon's meeting this afternoon.
We just hung out and enjoyed the afternoon. He is excited about his little sister getting here this week.
D-in-loves blood pressure is holding steady a little higher than normal but she has no head ache or any other signs of toxemia.
After g-son left I sat outside and enjoyed the warmth of one of the last days of summer. With the warm temps it doesn't seem like Fall is any where near but the signs are all around and I know it won't be long until I will be relaxing inside out of the cool temps.
Hubbie stopped and helped #1 son finish installing the new door and then we did chores for the evening.
We tried sitting back outside in the covered patio as we usually do but tonight the mosquitoes found us and we retreated inside.
Daughter and Josh went hiking today up to Black Balsam on the Blue Ridge parkway and she sent me these beautiful pics from up there.
 Wow !!!  This would be a great spot to visit when the Fall color comes out.
Today in the local newspaper there was a really nice story about #2 son's best friend. Son and Trey have been best friends since high school.
I worked most of the evening on my decade pics for September. I didn't know there would be so many in some of the years. Seems September was an exciting month in many years.
In 1965 school pictures were made. I was in the 6th grade that year and my oldest brother was in the 4th grade.

I don't remember anything about this year in school. I can't even remember who my teacher was that year for sure. I think it was a lady named Mrs. Turner but not sure.
It is after midnight as I write this tonight . Don't know how I got so late with things tonight.
I slept later than usual this morning so probably couldn't go to sleep anyway.
Thanking God tonight for awesome memories and asking for His guidance for d-in-love as she gets ready to bring a new life into this world.
Good Night and God Bless.

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