Thursday, September 10, 2015


My little protector alarms went off this morning a bit before the 7am alarm clock went off. Bernie and Dolly (the protector alarms) were barking at daughter as she was bringing her baked goods and some bank business she needed me to do for her today while I'm at the bank by on her way to school.
G-son popped out of bed and got himself ready for school as we got her things in the racks.
He ate breakfast and worked some on his Lego project while waiting for other g-ma to pick him up to take him to school. She had to make an early morning run to Sam's Club for her restaurant and picked him up on her way back to Lake Lure as the school he goes to is on her way.
I got ready to go to market and made it a little early today but there was on one there except a few sellers to notice my effort.
I did have a pretty good day surprisingly for the Thursday after a holiday. There were several folks who were headed out of town who stopped by for cakes to take home with them. I am as always thankful for all that I did sell.
D-in-love sent this pic to show how this little sweetie who I am going to refer to on this blog as g-daughter  was looking so wide eyed after getting her heel stuck to check for jaundice.
D-in-love was discharged this morning but they had to wait until later in the afternoon before little RL was discharged.
I left market, ran my regular bank and p.o. errands and made stops at Sav Mor, Aldi, Walmart and Grand Dad's Apple house for another bag of apples and a cabbage. They had sold out of my favorite apple, Honey Crisp, so I settled for Jonagolds and Fugis.
I made it home around 4:30 and unloaded by myself before hubbie got in from work. We took a break and watched the news. It's nice to be back on a regular routine around here and I'm sure #1 son's family is looking forward to getting home and settled into a "new" regular routine !!!
They got home around 5:00 today. G-son has some company in the back seat now !!!
As we finished chores and sat down in the covered patio it started to mist rain and got really cool. Sure feels like Fall this evening.
We are really going to get a taste of Fall later this week end. These are some of the temps for areas around us. We are closest to the AVL airport in temperature usually.
High's Sunday are only predicted to get into the upper 60's, that's really going to feel like Fall is already here !!
In other weather news the last tropical storm named Grace fell apart far out in the Atlantic and now the "H" storm , Henri is going to make a sharp turn away from land into the cooler northern Atlantic waters and dissapear.
Last but not least in today's news is this special young lady, Sally Groce, she is the daughter of our good friend and neighbor Scott. She is a senior at the high school daughter teaches at and she is organizing a fund raiser for wounded veterans out at the school's tennis courts. She wants to be a prosthetics engineer when she gets to NC State next year. I wish her all the success she wishes for in her very worthy endeavers.
Daughter called and said both her volleyball teams won their games tonight at Tuscola HS in Waynesville,NC.
This has been another blessed day for me and my family and we are as always so grateful to our loving Lord.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Your new granddaughter is so precious. And g-son looks so proud of his new sister. Glad to hear all is well with both mom and the new baby. Have a great weekend and God bless.