Thursday, September 3, 2015


A rude awakening at 7am as I tried to figure out what the dogs were barking at and why my phone was ringing ????
Of course I didn't get woke up in time to answer the phone but it did dawn on me that the dogs were barking at daughter who was dropping off her baked goods.
After letting her in and letting the dogs out I couldn't go back to sleep so I got an early start to my day.
I made it to market in plenty of time and got set up before any customers came in.
Today was an okay day for the Thursday before Apple Festival and I took several orders for Saturday so that day is looking good.
I always wear my apple vest during this week.

After lunch I got really hot in market and wondered if it was my lack of sleep or if the temperature was higher. I got my answer when I finished loading and got in the Honda.
Wow !!!  96 degrees is hot for a September day !!!!
After running regular errands and making supply stops at Aldi, Tractor Supply and Walmart I headed home to take a break in the cool house.
Hubbie got in just behind me and helped unload my filled to the brim suv.
We watched the news and rested until supper time.
After evening chores I had a hot cup of tea out on the front porch and talked with daughter. Her teams both lost their games tonight against volleyball power house West Henderson.
She was headed home to bake for Saturday tonight as she and her volleyball team have to work the football concession stand tomorrow night.
Josh is at the UNC / USC football game tonight in Charlotte. He went with his brothers to the game.
They are all UNC fans.
Talked to d-in-love also and after her doctor's appointment this morning they set her up to be induced Tuesday if this baby doesn't want to come see us before then. She has dilated a little bit more so maybe this little lady will pick her own time. D-in-love is ready to meet her for sure !!! Her co-workers gave her a mini shower after school on Monday.

I gleaned some in the garden tonight as the forecast is for rain to come in tomorrow and last for a couple days. I didn't want the winter squash to get worms in them so I gathered the spaghetti, butternut and acorn squash and put them in the cool basement.
I also gleaned the Roma tomatoes again with the peppers for more salsa. I want to freeze some more salsa this year as that I got out of the freezer this week was so delicious and tasted more like fresh salsa than the canned that I have.
I will take time tomorrow or Saturday to make the salsa.
If we get rain some of our garden vegetables will still put on more vegetables.
I am very thankful for all the produce I have gotten in this very dry season of gardening.
I finished the evening blogging and working on my next blog book.
An early bed time tonight to get ready for a busy Friday.
Thankful for all the blessings of this day and the love of Jesus Christ our Lord.
Good Night and God Bless

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linda m said...

Sure hope you get to see your new granddaughter real soon. Praying for mother and the soon to be new baby. We are supposed to get some rain this weekend so you may also. Have a wonderful weekend and may God Bless you.