Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Another really cloudy morning as I did the chores and came back inside to have my breakfast.
I took a walk but didn't see anything picture worthy or maybe my mind was too busy to look closely enough at the beauty of nature today.
After my walk I watered all the newly planted things from last Saturday and all my potted plants around the yard. I wondered aloud how many gallons of water I had carried this summer.
The squirrels have really been busy around here and I found this "hidden" winter stash in one of my plants.
 I came inside and brought up one of the bushels of  Hoover apples my friend brought by Friday. I washed, peeled and sliced 3 crock pots full of these delicious apples. I saved the nice richly colored red peels for jelly making later this week.
As I sat down to read the newspaper a story on the front page announcing the settlement of our local Park Ridge Hospital, and other members of the Adventist heathcare system and 3 previous employee whistleblowers caught my eye. The whistleblower on the left is my youngest brother's wife,Gloria.
The lawsuit was settled for $118.7 million dollars and these three stand to get rewarded by the government of several million dollars each according to the news report.
The rest of my morning was spent doing housework. The sun peaked out later in the afternoon just in time for me to take a much needed vitamin D break. I even took a nap while out there in the 75 degree warm sunshine.
Pope Francis made his first historic trip to the USA this afternoon. He was welcomed by President Obama and his wife.

After supper and chores my apple butter was ready to be put into jars and processed.
I ended up with 12 pints of the delicious smooth thick butter for the pantry shelves.
As the summer of 2015 comes to an end today and Fall begins tomorrow I thought back over this past summer tonight.  This summer will go down in the history of our family as one of the more memorable ones we've had.
With the engagement of daughter in July to the birth of our grand daughter in September it held many  pleasant memories.
Hubbie and I both turned another year older, 60 and 61 respectively.
We have been on a roller coaster ride with the proposal of a large electric line that might come through out property, at first thinking we would be moving , then afraid we would be looking at the line very close to our house, now we have no idea what will happen.
I have canned green beans, made salsa and pasta sauce,made grape jelly and apple butter from produce that survived a serious drought this summer.
We had a wonderful week of vacation on Oak Island, NC in August.
Market was busy until recently and the orders from the summer camps kept me in the kitchen baking lots of hours.
#1 son stopped working for the DOT and went back to work for Zach King construction, the company he worked for when he and d-in-love got married. He is much happier there.
D-in-love got to enjoy her first summer of  2-day weeks as her and g-son got to do many things together.
G-son began his 3rd grade year in school in August and likes his teacher, Mrs. Thomas.
#2 son got  a new boss at the PO and is now in a much happier work environment.
Daughter after getting engaged in July has been planning her wedding which will be next summer along with coaching volleyball and starting her 3rd year of teaching high school.
Aa and Re finally got moved into their new doublewide on the farm property in July and have been settling in.
The weather has been very tame this summer, with not many storms and not much rain. There have been 9 named storms in the Atlantic but none have affected our coastline.
As Fall comes in tomorrow it looks like we have near normal temperatures and a little better chance of rain coming.
God has blessed my family richly this summer and we are looking forward to what His plans are for us in the coming season. 
Good Night and God Bless

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linda m said...

What a "Blessed" summer you had. May God continue to richly bless you. Loving all the "canned produce" you have; you should be set for winter with all that. Blessings