Wednesday, September 9, 2015


We all enjoyed some extra sleep this morning as hubbie and I got up and left g-son still snoring.
We heard a strange sound and realized it was raining. Wow we haven't heard this in so long it took a minute to figure out what the sound of the rain on the metal roof was !!!
I did chores after the rain slacked off and when I checked the gauge there was 1/2 inch in it,thank you Lord for the quenching drink for the parched earth around here.
G-son was ready to go to school and show off pictures of his little sister today.
Hubbie took him to school on his way to work.
I took a nice relaxing walk this morning after the rains passed and the sun came out for a little while.
Things look so refreshed this morning.
The flower blooms are more vibrant today with the lingering raindrops.

This wild onion even smelled more fragrant.
My little Fall garden produce is coming up very nicely.

 My ever watchful companion patiently waits for me to complete my walk down to #1 son's house and back. She knows she isn't supposed to come through that gate.
I came back inside and baked 6 caramel, 3 chocolate, 4 pound and 1 blackberry wine cake before having a late lunch.
Talked to #1 son and he said they had a good night with the baby. They had to wake her up to nurse so she is a good sleeper already.
The rain started back after lunch and I caught another picture of my guard dog making the best of a rainy day, but still vigilantly guarding the front porch !!!!

I did some of the chores early again today so when hubbie gets in from work we can run over to the hospital for an early visit before everyone gets off work and they have more visitors.
Other g-ma picked g-son up from school and they were over there when we arrived.
#2 son also came by to check out his new niece. He held her while d-in-love ate her supper . It looks like she is also checking him out !!!   All the kids just love this tall sweet mannered guy.
She was ready to eat and was sucking everything she could reach and then found her own fingers.

We all left and headed home to finish chores. I needed to get weekly paperwork done and the bills paid before icing my icing duties for the night start.
The sky over the hospital looked really threatening as we walked to our cars.
We prayerfully hoping all goes well tonight and tomorrow and this will be the last evening at the hospital.

 G-son was supposed to spend the night at his house with his other g-ma but when she brought him by to pick up his suitcase he had changed his mind and wanted to stay here another night.
He ate supper and then worked on a lego project until bedtime.
He was a happy little boy as he got into our bed and said he was happy that his family would all together and  home tomorrow night with him at his house.
I hope he has sweet dreams of this super sweet little sister.

Thankful tonight for all the blessings God gives each day and feel so humbled most of the time at all the undeserved love He sends my way.
Good Night and God Bless

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