Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Another rainy morning. Up and out to slosh through the mud to get the chores done. All the animals look distressed with the cool wet weather as they don't hurry out of their dry overnight houses when I open the doors instead of their usual competition for who is the first out the door.
After breakfast and devotions I started  housework. The oven repairman who was a different one from last time came about 11:45. When he walked in I said so you are the oven expert, he gave me a questioning look and said "I've never seen one of these before" gestering toward my Pro Series double oven. I told him they told me last week when they rescheduled this appointment that they were sending the "oven Specialist", he laughed !!!
After going through the entire story about what had happened with the oven and what the first repairman did 2 weeks ago he said hopefully it's just a bad part that the other man put in. If that's not it then he doesn't know anything else it could be.  (I've heard that statement before )
I told him that it was fine if it couldn't be fixed but I wanted the $430.00 that I paid to have it fixed back !!!!    He said I should get it if this new part didn't fix it.
 After he left I resumed my housework with a new zest to work off my frustration for the day.
 The Fall decorations all came out today to help brighten my mood after all the dusting and vacuuming was done.

These two took up their usual Fall season guard spots on the front porch. I still have to get creative to keep them out of the reach of Flash the Basset Hound !!!
 I love Fall !!!!
After a full day of cleaning and redecorating I was tired and my frustration was gone so I  took a short rest in the sunroom before hubbie got in from work. It was pouring rain outside now.
I was surprised to find only another 1/2 inch in the gauge after the hard rains.
I went over to my friend Rita's house this afternoon to give her money for our dinner at the mini class reunion we are having in a couple weeks.
Her daughter is getting married in April so we shared some ideas on our wedding plans. She gave me a good lead to a videographer for daughter's  wedding.
When I came home I found hubbie in our driveway working on this.
I think this is what is known to tree cutters as a "widow maker".
This is a large dead tree top that blew out of this large dying oak tree and lodged in another dead limb. Only trouble with this one is it is directly over our driveway !!!
Hubbie and #1 son who came up a little later worked for over an hour trying to dislodge the tree top with no success. They were tossing a rope over the limb and trying to pull it loose.

Hubbie will get a pole saw from work tomorrow and try to cut off the entire limb that the top is lodged in. In the mean time the driveway is closed to all unnecessary traffic !!
Our area is under a flash flood watch tonight with more rain on the way.
We are fortunate that we haven't had the amount of rain that some places have had.
Even Asheville had some flooding this morning from a round of very heavy rain.
A very interesting set of  circumstances could set off some major flooding depending on this newly named tropical storm in the Atlantic. If Joaquin, who is expected to be a category 1 hurricane overnight, chooses one of the paths that bring it into the coast of North Carolina  it could mean devastating amounts of rain as far west as the foothills of NC.

This system combined with the system in the gulf that is coming over us could certainly make things interesting through the weekend.

I keep remembering all the wishes for thirst quenching rain just over a week ago.  Like I said we are fortunate right here to have had about 4 & 1/2  inches of rain which has fallen slowly and been just what we needed so far.  But with the ground now saturated this extra rain could cause major problems. I still am glad we have had the rain that we've had but this caught my eye tonight and made me smile !!!

Talked to daughter tonight ,she said they lost the volleyball games tonight to cross county rival West Henderson.
 She also sent this picture of some of her business students she drove to the Biltmore house today. She is second from right. Crazy she still looks like one of her students more than the teacher !!!

I am thankful that God is in control of all things and I can rest in the knowledge that He knows best and all is in His plans for us.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

Sure hope your oven is fixed this time around. Love the cat cartoon. I know how they feel. When it rains around here it always just pours. Yesterday was the first time in a long time where it rained with just a nice steady rain - not too heavy, not too light.. Praying the hurricane doesn't come inland. Blessings

Betsy Adams said...

Hi There, Remember me???? I do take time to read your posts --but don't comment much or even blog much these days. Life is just SO busy for us. We have been working hard on our health. We had already been working on healthy eating --but now have added 10,000-12,000 steps into our exercise every day... We take 2 walks each day --plus it's the busy time of the year working in the yard. I do more Facebook these days than Blogs.. Facebook is so much simpler --and easier to get in--and--out. BUT--I still love blogging when I have time.

We took an awesome trip to the Tetons and Yellowstone --and will head to West VA with friends this coming month. SO--we are still enjoying our traveling.

Sorry about your oven.. What a hassle dealing with repairmen!!!! Sorry about your rains/flooding. We were very dry--but have had some rain the past several days (not heavy --but good for the ground)... Hope that hurricane doesn't bring you all MORE rain and flooding... Yipes.

Hope you and all of the family are doing well.