Sunday, September 27, 2015


Up and getting the chicken/enchilada bake things prepared to go in the baking dish as soon as we get home from church. The casserole has to cook 40 minutes so the chicken breast that cooked all night in the crock pot have to be shredded the green pepper and onion has to be chopped and added back to the crockpot with the frozen corn and salsa to simmer while we are gone to church. Then when we get back this mixture will be layered on corn totillo shells with sour cream and shredded cheese before going in the oven.  We also had fresh green beans and corn on the cob , probably the last of the fresh vegetables like this for the season.
I was a greeter at church today so I headed up there a little early to have an umbrella handy if anyone needed it as the misty rain is still falling.
The sermon was from John  and our associate pastor Craig did a great job of delivering the message in the absence of the senior pastor who is on vacation.
Everyone was here for lunch today for the first time in a while. #1 son's family, #2 son, daughter and Josh, Aa and his family all made it on this rainy day.  I love the house filled with conversation and laughter and the kids playing hide and seek games.
After everyone went their separate ways , #1 son,d-in-love and g-daughter went to Waynesville to buy 2 more car seat bases and a stroller for the car seat they bought for g-daughter, with the 2 extra bases one will go in my vehicle and one in other g-mas so she rides safely.
#2 son and hubbie went to look at an older truck son is thinking about buying in Laurel Park.
Daughter and Josh went out to the gym to open it for some volleyball open gym.
Aa and Re took their kids home for naps.
Leaving this guy and me all alone to enjoy an afternoon of games and laughter.
I love it when he wants to play with me now as he is getting so big and independent and I know these days are numbered !!!
He didn't want to go home when mom and dad came back to get him we were having so much fun.
I must admit I am tired from the games, I'm going to have to get back into the swing of playing these games with g-daughter soon.
Today is d-in-love's parents last day in the restaurant business as they are closing down for good.
In the spring of this year they changed from a sit down restaurant named The Lake Lure Smokehouse,

 to a take-out type eatery called Papa T's BBQ and Broasted Chicken.

 Today at closing time will be the end of their restaurant running careers after opening a huge BBQ restaurant in Chimney Rock in the early 2000's after moving here from Charlotte,NC. Couldn't find a photo of the gorgeous log building that housed the Cajun Pig but this sign was untouched by the fire and has been displayed in the two latest ventures to serve as a memory.

  This very popular restaurant was burned down by an arsonist that has never been caught shortly before #1 son and d-in-love were married in 2005.  I'll always remember the middle of the night phone call from #1 son and his tearful voice on the end of the line describing the devastation.
It was the Cajun Pig that brought #1 son and d-in-love together as both #2 son and daughter worked at the restaurant during their high school years and Deb, (other g-ma) and I became friends. We decided our two oldest children had a lot in common and should meet. She brought d-in-love to our house one night when I knew #1 son was going to be here in the pretense of picking up a cake order. Deb and I disappeared into the kitchen, leaving #1 son and d-in-love alone in the living room.  The rest is history !!!!!!!
I wish for Deb and Tim a new normal of a more slow and restful lifestyle.  But I know they will miss this chapter of their lives and all the people they met through these ventures. Good Luck to them !
After evening chores in a still misty rain hubbie and I spent a relaxing evening. I emptied another 4/10ths inch from the gauge this evening.
I got all my August pics downloaded to my Walgreens site so that is caught up. Now to get another 3 months blog book started !!
Thanking God for a blessing filled Sunday.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

What a wonderful Sunday you had. Glad you are able to spend some quality time with g-son. The more independent they get the less time us grandmas seem to have with them. My g-son is 16 and allays busy with something. Blessings