Sunday, September 13, 2015


Church is looking more like Fall every Sunday as more decorations are added.
Pastor finished up 1st Timothy today.
We were presented the rose that all new babies get in our church since #1 son or d-in-love weren't there today.
There was another rose for another little baby girl also this morning given to her grandparents, Perry and Laura Breedlove. Their daughter Melissa gave birth on Friday. Melissa and #1 son graduated high school together.
After the service we had #1 son ,d-in-love and both kids along with Aa, Re and both their kids for lunch.
There was some smoked chickens left over last night and we had a couple for lunch along with green beans, corn,rice and slaw.
Everyone enjoyed getting to know g-daughter for her first lunch visit.
After they all went home to let the kids get naps I ran out to Aldi to get some more of the lazy susans that I got last week for reorganizing my cabinets but they were sold out . I checked at Lowes and Home Depot while I was in town but they didn't have any either so I will look on line.
I came back home to meet, Pam Davis a friend of mine who was coming to cut some Curly Willow limbs from my tree for some wedding arrangements she was making for a wedding next week.
I enjoy visiting with Pam when she comes as she and I have much in common. She used to have the table beside me at Curb Market before she had to take a full time job. We had a lot of fun when she was there.
She crammed the jeep wrangler her and her husband Rick were in full of branches and off they went .
After chores I watered all the potted plants as I shivered in the cool evening air. It is 54 degrees at 10:00 tonight so I'm sure we will make it to the low to mid 40's before morning on this crystal clear night. These next few days that are more typical for early October than September  are going to make us feel like Fall has arrived, could it be true ????
The mountain state fair started Friday and over 40,000 people have already attended in the first 3 days of perfect weather .
We have no plans to attend this year at least not yet !!
Hubbie and I both spent the evening relaxing and getting ready for another busy week.
Wondering what God's plans are for my family and me for this week and thankful for the blessings He sent my way today.
Good Night and God Bless

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linda m said...

I love the "rose" idea for new babies. Glad things are going well for your family and some cooler air has set in. Fall is my favorite time of year. Have a wonderful day. Blessings