Monday, September 14, 2015


A 7:15 alarm jarred us awake this cold, 40 degree morning !! Hubbie has to be in Asheville at 8:45 for his annual physical exam and I am picking g-son up at 7:45 and taking him to school.
After dropping him off I got home just as hubbie was leaving.  I had to get out my car manual to see how to get the heat to come on in my Honda. These new cars sure can make you feel stupid !!!!
The heat was on I just had the fan on the windshield only setting, duh !!!
I needed the heat this morning as this is still the temperature .
I did the morning chores and had breakfast, then took a nice long walk in the refreshing cool air.
This little sweetie is going to her first doctor's appointment this morning.
Thankfully she was declared "very healthy" and is almost back to her birth weight.
I did 3 loads of laundry this morning while hubbie, who passed his physical with a warning to lose some weight and get back on his niacin supplement, mowed the lawn. He wanted to get the mowing done on our property around #1 son's house before d-in-love got back with g-daughter to sleep.
After the laundry was finished I headed up to the garden. We needed to get all the dry bean vines off the trellises we use .
The hens will be munching on dried beans for several days.Hubbie will wait for one of the boys to help him carry these heavy panels out of the garden.
We also cleaned this spot where the winter squash grew off and replanted it with Collard seed.

Then we moved on to the Fall garden we already have planted and tilled and weeded our greens and turnips. I am totally surprised at the growth of these things in this dry weather.
We have some Tendergreens and Kale that are ready to eat.
This year the rabbits are finding a way to get through the "rabbit" guard fencing we have around the garden and they are nibbling on the greens. They must be pretty particular as they leave some things alone and love other things. They haven't touched anything so far except the kale.
D-in-love brought g-son and g-daughter by after she picked up g-son from school. He is taking a Monday afternoon class the Flat Rock Playhouse offered at his school and he said he really enjoyed it today. G-daughter slept through the visit.
Re brought the kids over for a little while this evening also so they could play. She was supposed to work tonight but got flexed off so she had told them they were coming over and they wanted to come play for a little while.
Daughter called and had made it safely home from a class she had to go to in Raleigh today. She left yesterday afternoon and stopped by a girlfriend's house in Morganton to see her new baby on the way.The class was the last of the series she has to go to down there to get her teaching lisence.
I don't like for her to drive that far alone but it doesn't bother her. Thanks be to God for His protective arms around her as she traveled.
Hubbie and I sat outside for a little while tonight after chore time, until it got too cool to be comfortable.
Another cold night is on tap tonight with predicted low 40's again. Our high today was 78 with bright sunshine in a completely cloudless sky.
Grateful to God for a wonderful day and all the blessings He sent my way today.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

Your new granddaughter is just as cute as a little button. What a busy day you had. You are getting the cold weather we just had. It has warmed up again for which I am grateful. It was too soon for such chilly weather. Blessings

Gail said...

Glad she is doing so well.

Winter will be here before we know it. I do hope it's a mild one.

Have a blessed week.