Tuesday, September 1, 2015


As the sun peaked through my bedroom window this morning I thought how fast this year has gone by. Here it is September 1,which signals the end of summer and the getting ready for those cooler days and it seems it was only yesterday that I was wanting to snuggle back under the covers on the cold days of last winter.
No worries about cooler weather today as the temperature was already well into the 70's as I did morning chores.
After breakfast I decided to take a long walk this morning down into the lower pasture to check out what this dry summer has done for our farm pond. It is completely dried up.

 Little tracks all around in the mud were left by maybe a racoon searching for something to eat buried in the drying mud.
 Our pond hasn't been this dry in many years. Aa is having to haul water to his cattle each day.
The creek isn't looking much better as the water level in it is as low as I have ever seen it also.
 Annie had a hard time getting anything wet but her legs.
The wild flowers are ablaze even in the drought and there were many beautiful colors this morning.
Red Cardinal flower....
Purple Chickory.....
Yellow Ragwort....
White Caynnan's Lace...
Orange Jewel Weed with it's name sake dew drops still glistening like jewels on it's leaves.
Not a flower but very colorful.....
As I passed by the garden I made the September garden pano photo.
This is the part that contains our Fall garden.
It looks like with a little luck we may have some decent sized watermelons this year.
I also made "the view from here" photo for September as things are suffering from the drought there is a lot of yellows.

I reluctantly came back inside to get started on my housework Tuesday duties.
First of the month changes brought out the apple decor for September.

I washed last months furniture covers and hung them on the line in hopes that would bring us a rain shower , but no luck !!!
I finished the re-decorating and housework then took a nice break out in the cloudy afternoon. As I sat in the fire pit patio this little mouse eater was searching for his meal all around this old tub.
As I watched him search then slither away, luckily for him he slithered away from the house. He was a pretty big snake to be hanging out this close to the house with the kids playing around  but we will give him this one chance.
While I was heading back inside to watch the news a yellow jacket flew into my back and went down the top of my shirt stinging me just under my right shoulder blade as I mashed him to get him out. Yeow !!!  that hurts !!!!
Since it was on my back I  couldn't get any paste to stick on it to take the sting out of it.
Hubbie came in and we watched the news while I held an ice pack on the sting.
After a salad supper and evening chores we relaxed outside in the covered patio.
I'm pretty sure these three are not old enough to be out of their nest.
They were desperately looking for their parents who never showed up. We wondered what might have happened to dislodge them from the nest so young. They finally got quiet and settled down after making their way down into the bushes on the hill in front of the patio so maybe they found a parent bird.
They were funny to watch as they stuck so closely together as if knowing there might be safety in numbers.
The forecast for more chances of rain for this weekend is good and bad since this is the apple festival weekend but we so desperately need rain. Maybe it will rain out here in the country and not in town where the festival will be !!!

Well this has been a really nice first day of September for me. I love the wonders of nature and God provided me with some of them today.
Thanking Him for His many blessings and feeling comfort in the knowledge that Heaven is for real.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Hi There, Sorry I haven't been around much. Just too darn busy!!!!! Can't believe it's September. BUT--I'm not a lover of Summer --and am definitely ready for some cooler weather.

I finally published a couple of posts today about our latest trip. Check them out.

linda m said...

I didn't realize you were that "dry". Wow, your pond even dried up. We are pretty dry up here also - need a couple of days of a nice steady rain. Leaves are starting to turn colors and fall to the ground. I do love all your pictures and love your apple decor. Hope your "sting" feels better. I would freak out if something like that went down my shirt. Hope you get some much needed rain. Blessings