Sunday, September 20, 2015


A warm, feeling like summer is back, or maybe still here morning as I headed out in my PJ's to do the chores. Yes if you happen to come up the drive on any given warm Sunday morning you will find me outside in my PJ's feeding the animals !!!   Thankful for country living back off the public highways !
As I got ready for church I thought about the lady who's memorial service is this afternoon and fondly thought of her faithfulness to our church and our loving Lord all the years I've known her. I can't remember many Sundays at all that I didn't see her in church.
Our associate pastor Craig delivered the message this morning as out senior pastor is on his 2-week vacation. He is driving back this morning for Ms. Betty's service then will turn around and drive back for another week.
Re and the kids sat with us as Aa is working.
Craig was short today and we were on our way home at noon.  Re and the kids were our only lunch guest today as daughter and Josh went to the VA hospital to take lunch to Josh's dad who is back in the hospital with an infection in his recent knee replacement, #2 son is golfing, #1 son has visitors this morning as one of d-in-love's good friends, Carla and her husband are visiting this weekend.
Looks like g-son is getting some little sister babysitting time in !!!!

We had a crockpot full of beef stew and hubbie had made a cake of cornbread to go with it last night so we could eat early.
Hubbie has to be back at church by 1:45 to meet the other Deacons to man the doors of the church at the memorial service. I have to be there also to set the food up for the reception in the fellowship hall.
The service was very touching as no preaching was done , only the memories shared by 5 of the 7 grandchildren.
The church was overfilled and chairs had to be placed at the end of all the pews to seat the overflow of friends that came to support the family.
There was plenty of food at the reception and I saw people I haven't seen in many years so it was a great time of fellowship.
Hubbie and I came home at 5:00 and there was still quite a few people still there.
We rested then did chores early as the sky darkened and looked like it might rain but we got only a short sprinkle.
Daughter and Josh came by for a visit and to get beef stew for their supper.  Josh's first cousin Zach is married to one of Betty's grand daughters and she is daughter's good friend, it is a small world !!
I was called for jury duty tomorrow but thankfully when I called they said I wasn't needed so that was a relief.  Re is working tonight so I can babysit the kids while she gets some sleep tomorrow.
I have been waiting for a day without pictures to continue the decade pics for this month so today's as close as I'm going to get.  Back in September 1985 we took our little family on a beach trip to Myrtle beach that year.  #1 son was getting ready to turn 4 years old, #2 son was 2 1/2 years old and daughter was 6 months old.

A day of wonderful memories , some sad, some happy but all wonderful !!!   God loves me and I love Him with all my heart. Praying for the Jones family tonight as they continue on their grief journey leaning on the loving arms of our Heavenly Father.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Love the picture of g-son with his sister. Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. Decades pictures are priceless. Thanks for the heads up about you and your Sunday PJ's. I'll be sure to not act surprised if I come visit on a Sunday morning. hehe