Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Up early to get g-son to school. Not quite as cold this morning as yesterday, only 44 today.
I delivered a caramel cake to a birthday girl on my way home from school. Happy birthday and surprise Betty Pace !!!
After chores and breakfast I postponed my walk until this evening so I would not miss the call from the oven repair man who is supposed to come before lunch today.
I changed out the curtains and rugs in the living room and did housework while I waited.
I was beginning to wonder if he was even coming today when at 12:45 he called to say he was waiting for his helper then he would be here.
They worked for over 3 hours on the oven. After lifting the heavy double oven out of the cabinet and getting it back in there and all the new parts in place I thought this was going pretty smooth. Then they began to re-calibrate the new temperature knobs !!!  I could tell both of them were getting discouraged as they went through the instructions time after time and nothing happened.
Finally he called someone who apparently knew more than the both of them and it was done in no time. But it was 4:00 !!!!!
At least it works , but the real test will be when I bake tomorrow and have both ovens running to see if they start shutting off on their own .  I am crossing my fingers that this is the fix and I won't have to get into it again with them, but like I told him , if it is fixed I don't mind spending $430 but if it isn't I want my money all back !!   Here's hoping this is the end of the repair !!!!!!!!
After hubbie got home from work we watched the news then did evening chores.
After we ate supper hubbie went on my walk with me. We walked in the lower pasture on this really nice clear, cool evening. These Goldenrods sure bring Fall to mind.
I checked out the "drought rock" in the creek and was surprised to see it still had a little water covering it in spots.
These are the only clouds in the sky tonight.
We checked out the dried up farm pond.
Not many times have I been able to stand in the middle of the pond with dry feet.
The bottom is still pretty soft but there is no signs of water anywhere.
We sat out in the patio and watched darkness fall tonight after our walk.
This is a card we got today from church.

My sentiments exactly on this 1 week birthday of g-daughter !!!

Thankful to God everyday !!
Good Night and God Bless


linda m said...

Sure hope they "fixed" your ovens. Love the pictures from your walk. That was so nice of your Church to send you such a lovely card. God has blessed you with a wonderful family and Church family. Blessings

Gail said...

Hoping the repair is good and complete.

Have a blessed day.