Saturday, September 26, 2015


Yep   it sure is !!!
Hubbie got up at 7am and turned the radio on to see if they announced anything about Old Timey Day at market. He was planning on going out early to help get the stoves outside and get them fired up. He came back to bed and said it was postponed until next Saturday. I could hear the pouring rain outside and the wind whipping it around. Not a good day for anything outside it doesn't sound like.
We got up at 8:00 and got ready for market on our regular schedule. Thankfully the rain had slacked off and only a light rain was falling as I did the morning chores before we left.
Market was pretty good this morning as some folks came in thinking we would be having the hot wood stove cooked breakfast. I was surprised at how many people were braving the nasty day.
#2 son , who was delivering the mail, came in for a visit and he was very glad it stopped the heavy rain as he was on a walking route downtown today.
Daughter and Josh came in also for a little while after their Saturday morning work outs. Josh has a kidney stone he is trying to pass and wasn't feeling great. He had to go to the emergency room yesterday morning for medicine.
Hubbie went to Sam's Club to pick up some groceries and some supplies for tomorrow's lunch.
After market I only had one stop at Aldi to make and then made it home at 3:00. We got unloaded and then relaxed for a restful rainy Saturday evening.
The temperature has been really cool today hanging around the lower 60's all day. This is the first day for my long sleeves, flannel and boots !!!  That flannel jacket felt really good today !!!!!

There is a system in the gulf that is going to keep the rainy days coming thru at least mid week.
Since this has been a day for few pictures I am going to finish up the decade series with the undateds for the month.
These first 3 pics are of my Aunt Carol Ruff Warner, my mother's sister. The first pic she is in Florida with her husband Bob who was in the navy stationed down there and she got a job as a nurse down there that lead up to their meeting and getting married.  They later moved to Michigan when he got out of service so I don't know where these two houses were in the other pictures of her.

The next two pics are of my mother, Goldie Ruff . The first I don't know where she is but the second she is in the snow in front of the house she lived in on Pace Road, here in the community I still live in, this was where she lived when she met my dad.

As I did the evening chores still in a light rain I emptied another 1 inch from the gauge to bring our total rain fall from this system to 3 inches total, just what we needed.
God knows when to send the rain as He takes care of all His creations.
I am grateful tonight for the amazing world He created for me to live in and I stay in humble adoration of His great love.
Good Night and God Bless.

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