Monday, September 21, 2015


Not much sleep last night so this morning I am moving pretty slow. Bernie my 4-legged kid who has an enlarged heart had a pretty rough night last night and I was up and down a couple times giving him more meds and then his coughing and panting kept me awake. He finally settled down after an extra dose of his muscle relaxer.
D-in-love is taking g-son to school this week so at least the alarm wasn't at 7:15 today. I got up at the regular time of 8:00 and met Re who brought the kids over after working all night so she could sleep today.
These two are sweet when they are here. They spent the morning playing and snuggling.

After lunch they both went down for long naps. BB usually takes a morning nap but today only slept about 20 minutes this morning so he was ready for a long afternoon nap and EL got up early and also took a long nap.
While they napped hubbie went up to Scott, out neighbors for some spent sunflower heads for me to give the chickens and birds and then went to Southern States for chicken feed.
I worked on my blog book completing the editing of the first three months of this year.  I still hate that I can only get three months in each book now but it does make editing quicker.
I also called Sears to schedule another oven repair since the previous one didn't work on one of the ovens.  They are sending a different repairman out on Wednesday.
After Re picked the kids up when they woke up from their naps I did the chores early and headed over to my photographer friend's house to meet daughter.
He gave us a great deal on wedding pics and she hired him on the spot. Another thing to mark off the list !!!!
We left there and I came home and she went to her house. I got home with just enough daylight left to shut up the doors on the hen houses.
Tonight I do not feel great, I hope I'm just tired from the lack of sleep last night and am not coming down with something. Re said she had a sore throat and felt lousy today also.
It has a been a socked in cloudy day but we only got a sprinkle of rain. They say the chances are better overnight so hopefully we will get enough rain to dampen the leaves at least.
Grateful to God for the blessings of this day and for His neverending love.
Good Night and God Bless

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linda m said...

Those two just get cuter every day. Can't believe how big baby BB is. Sure hope you get a refund on your last oven repair or at least get this one free. And I hope they can fix it. Beautiful Fall weather here. Blessings