Friday, September 18, 2015


After dropping g-son at school I came home in the 48 degree morning to do chores and have breakfast.  I took a long walk then came in to have my devotions and ponder my baking schedule for the day.
With business slowing and no orders for tomorrow I decided to wait until lunch or later to bake.
#2 son, who is on his long weekend off, came by for some tools and wanted me to go to his house to show him how to prune some of his bushes and to see if I wanted any of the things he was digging up. His yard is overgrown even with the dry season we have had this year. We did this last year and you can't even tell where we took things out then.
After a couple hours of pruning and digging we had cleared some things but the ground is so dry and hard he is going to have to saw some things off at the ground level.
I brought home 3 bushes and some Hostas to add to my landscaping.  Re came up and took several Forsythia bushes,some Bittersweet vine and a couple Hostas home with her. I called d-in-love but she didn't want any of the disgarded shrubbery.
At lunch time we stopped and I came home wet with sweat as my long jeans and t-shirt were soaked with sweat in the 84 degree sunshine.
After lunch it felt really good to get the shorts and tank top back on and get out in the sunshine after the last few cooler days.
A good friend and apple grower brought me by a couple bushels of my favorite cooking apple, the Hoover, thanks Cheryl McGraw.
G-son came by to spend the afternoon here while his mom ran errands after she picked him up from school. Brenda Harvey my market neighbor had bought g-daughter a gift and she also brought g-son one. He enjoyed making creations with all these shapes for a long time while he was here.

While he played I baked 5 pound cakes, an apple spice and a pumpkin spice cake for tomorrow as no orders have come in.
After chores hubbie and I went home with g-son to check up on g-daughter. This was her bath night and she enjoyed it very much.

She is a little sweetheart and is such a good baby.

We made a trip to Ingles to pick up some cheese ball making supplies. One of he elder members of our church, Mrs. Betty Jones, moved on to her Heavenly home this past Wednesday. Her memorial and reception is this Sunday afternoon.

She always made a cheese ball for all our meal celebrations at church and she had put the recipe in our church cook book. I was chosen to make this for her family at the reception. I hope is close to as good as hers always was. It is a simple recipe and as hubbie and I sampled it , the taste is great.

1 8 oz. pkg of cream cheese
1/2 lb sharp cheese
2 tsp grated onion
2 tsp worchester sauce
nuts of your choice

Mix first 4 ingredients together in mixer and blend . Shape into ball and refrigerate for 2 hours. Roll in nuts, put back in refrigerator for at least 24 hours. Set out 2 hours before serving.         Betty Jones'  recipe

 After the cheese balls were in the frig I wrapped and got things ready for market tomorrow.
God is good all the time and as I get into bed tonight I am thankful for another wonderfully blessed day of His gracious love.
Good Night and God Bless.

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