Wednesday, September 16, 2015


G-son was  in a good mood as we traveled to school this morning.  He once again arrived just behind the little girl on crutches and once again he walked slowly behind her to open the door.
Back home I did chores in the 44 degree still really cool morning.
After breakfast I took a walk in the fresh air to get my day started.
Back inside I fired up my newly repaired ovens and crossed my fingers.
The noisy fans were eerily quiet, I even had to open the doors a couple times to check if they were running.  The temperature control knobs were obviously tighter and held the temperature steadier than when the ovens were new I think. All was going smoothly until I heard the first beep from them and turned to see that the bottom oven had indeed shut off and the display had the "err" message.  Grrrr, I restarted the oven and didn't have any other miscues.  I think I will give it one more chance before I get on the phone.  I feel there is no sense calling the same repair company if it isn't fixed because the guy scratching his head told me flat out that this is the only thing he knew to do to fix it.
I will need to get hold of someone at Sears who can help maybe get someone who has worked on this problem before.
After lunch I gave my entire house a good cleaning. With the baby being born last week there hasn't been much time for deep cleaning so today was the day.
Just as I was mopping myself out the door d-in-loves mom came by for a cake and we had a nice visit.
I went up to the garden and picked our first fresh greens to cook for supper. They were okay but rain would definitely give them more flavor.
Hubbie and I watched the news then I took an evening walk in the lower pastures.
The Golden Rod still draws me to its Fall beauty.
These Purple Asters are colorful.
The brightest spot I found was these Yellow Daisies which have grown from one little bouquet to a large mass that is fence tall and six feet wide.

The Virgins Thumb or Heart Heal, marked by it's distinctive heart on each leaf,is hanging full of little flower heads bowing under their weight.

This is the first Ironweed I have seen in a couple years down here and it isn't in the same place as it used to be.

These skeletal looking blossoms are growing all along the front pasture fence. I looked them up and found that they are Autumn Clematis.  I have never seen it here before and I wonder if the seed the landscapers spread after the bridge construction contained this seed. It is really pretty.
 These are the seed pods after the pretty white blossoms.
I watched the sun's last rays brighten the western sky and took a short rest before going inside to get the weekly paperwork and billing paying done before getting things ready for market.
Giving God all the glory tonight for a beautiful world and all the creations He made for our enjoyment.
Good Night and God Bless

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