Tuesday, November 22, 2016


G-daughter arrived at 7am and it was nice to have hubbie here to help today with all the cake orders for today. He still doesn't feel like going back to work.
We took turns trying to get a fussy g-daughter to eat something for breakfast but she wasn't having anything we offered.
I got the morning chores done and we headed out to drop g-daughter at her morning pre-school before going to market. Thankfully the church where she goes is just up the street from market. Hubbie had to drive his truck and help haul all the orders today.
G-daughter was still fussing when we left her.
Market was slow but all the orders got picked up except one . Hubbie walked up town and did some shopping at Mast General Store then stopped by Hot Dog World for our lunch.
He walked up to the church and carried a sleeping g-daughter back to market. She loved the hot dot and fries he brought her for lunch.
 She had to get re-acquainted with everything and everyone at market.

We left market and she was asleep before we got out of the parking lot. Hubbie followed my to Aldi and sat with her in my car while I did the shopping. I got a call from the customer who forgot her order and she said she would come to Aldi to pick the cakes up but after I waited 30 minutes I left and came home. She called later and said she would pick her cakes up Saturday.
The smoke has definitely moved back in with a vengeance this afternoon. Out came my mask once  again with my already sneezing and coughing this is not a good thing for me to breathe.

Seems this is the worst it has been since the very first days of the fires. There are an historic over 53,000 acres of forest fires burning now.
The sun was encompassed in a smokey haze cloud.
G-daughter slept until I got home and hubbie helped me unload and get things put away. G-daughter had a snack and played until d-in-love came after her about 4:45.
I did chores then we got inside out of the smoke for the evening.
There is a very late season Thanksgiving hurricane set to make landfall in central America . This is the "O" storm of a very merciful hurricane season.  Otto will not effect the north America at all.
I rested this evening trying to recoup from yesterday. I am hoping the tiredness I am feeling is just that and not an onset of more sickness.
Thankful tonight for the wonderful glory of being an active grandparent and being involved with these kids to be able to watch them grow up and develop their own little personalities.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

Your are indeed blessed to have such an active part in your grandchildren lives. Praying your fires ease up soon and you get some much needed rain. Blessings