Friday, November 18, 2016


Hubbie wasn't any better this morning so he took another day off work. I did chores and left the new pullets I mixed together last night up together in the big house for a while to allow them to get acquainted before I turned them out in their new lot.
After breakfast hubbie decided he felt well enough to clean off the garden. We actually have been getting some produce so we are late getting this done this year.
I walked up and turned the pullets out in their new lot and they acted like they were so happy to have more room to run around.

The Silkies also acted like they were enjoying have them out of their small lot so that they had more room.
I kept 7 of the older hens which I caught laying eggs in the days before I sold the hens and they also have much more room today.
And I can't leave out the "yard bird" we have as old Roho likes resting in the safety of the dog's lot while they are out. I still say he acts more like a dog than he does a chicken anyway

I headed back to the house to start baking for the day. I baked 18 caramel, 2 chocolate and 4 pound cakes.

 I will only ice 12 of the caramels for tomorrow as I will need to get a jump on my Tuesday orders with some icing this weekend. This is a busy time for my business with bunches of Thanksgiving orders. Right now the total stands at 33 whole cakes and I'm sure a few more will come in before Tuesday. This is the only Tuesday I go to market but it is necessary since  we are closed on Thursday.
I stayed tied to my ovens until 4:00 this afternoon then took a short rest break before doing chores.
All the pullets except one seems to have settled into their new abodes. The white Araucana likes it better with the older hens but that is okay because she is definitely easy to pick out.

After watching the news which isn't good at the fire fronts once again as the Party Rock fire in Lake lure has grown another 900 acres and now is over 7000 acres. With high winds predicted for tomorrow it is a very troubling situation.
The wind shift  today brought the smoky back into our neck of the woods this evening causing another red sun sunset !!

I sewed up these two matching mother / daughter Christmas aprons to put on my manaquins to help decorate my booth for Christmas.

I ended the evening in the kitchen icing cakes and getting ready for market.
I send out prayers tonight to a family that is missing a member tonight as a man was found in his truck this afternoon with a self inflicted gunshot wound in one of the fields just up the road from my house.  Unfortunately this time of year brings out more of these situations and I pray for the family that this man left behind.
For my thankfulness of today I am very thankful that my family has the love of the Lord in all their hearts and has Him to turn to when times get bad. His Grace Is Always Enough !!!!
God Bless and Good night

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