Saturday, November 5, 2016


I'm glad I didn't believe the 37 degree temps forecast for this morning and moved all my plants inside last night. Our thermometer said 34 degrees and there was frost everywhere this morning !!!  Our first frost of the season !!
I did chores and headed out to market wondering what the cooler  temps would do to business?? Sometimes cooler weather actually puts folks in a buying mood, we'll see what happens today !!
Hubbie helped me get set up and then waited on the lady with the 5 cake order to come so he could help her get to her car with all her cakes. Thankfully she came early and he left right after as he has a busy leaf blowing day ahead of him. We don't like the leaves against the house with the fire danger that we have now. He needs to get these raked off before this colder night time weather causes the rest of them to fall off the trees.

Market was very slow again today making me very thankful for the orders I had.
After market I made a stop at Aldi for a couple things to bake with next Wednesday as it will be an easy baking day !!!
I came home to help hubbie with the last couple tarps full of leaves he was dragging into the woods.
I made sure we got all the leaves and acorns from my stone pathway up the hill to the hen houses as I almost slid down this morning.
We did chores early once again today so we could get out to the high school to the annual "draw down" fund raiser they always have. This is the main fundraiser for the athletic dept. at the school.
They sell 299 tickets for $100 each and also have loads of donated items from local businesses to auction off. They then auction off the final 300th ticket when there are only 10 tickets left. This ticket always brings a good price, tonight it brought $850.
Each ticket holder gets 2 Outback steak meals and coupons for Outback foods. G-daughter and g-son and I after our steak supper !
G-daughter wasn't feeling well after her flu shot yesterday so her and her mom left after we ate but #1 son stayed with their 2 tickets.
Daughter was the ticket drawer once again this year.

#1 son did the best with one of his tickets as his was the 286th ticket drawn. Coincidentally the same exact number one of his tickets got up to last year.
The last 2 ticket holders decided to split the $6000 prize money.
We got home at 10:00 with our coupons and water bottles !!! but it is always fun and we get to visit with alot of neighbors we hardly ever see.
I did manage to catch my blog post up tonight, yeah  !!! Remember these two important things starting tonight  !!

Thankful tonight for the very supportive community I live in and for all my blessings of this day.
God Bless and Good Night.

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