Monday, November 21, 2016


G-daughter arrived a little after 7am to get this crazy busy day off to an early start. About 45 minutes later Aa arrived with EL and BB to stay while their mom went to a class at the hospital.
The kids had a good time playing with each other.
G-daughter got inventive when she got in one of my bakery crates and went sliding across the floor !

And these two are the perfect example of "monkey see monkey do" !!!!

Re picked EL and BB up about 10 then hubbie, g-daughter and I had to make a chicken feed trip to Southern states before my baking started. She would make a cute little model if you could get her still enough for a photo.

Back home we ate an early lunch then the kitchen was off limits the rest  of the day except for me,haha !
I baked 6 more caramel,2 coconut, 3 chocolate and 6 pound cakes with 3 loads of weekly laundry mixed in. I iced 6 of the caramels I baked last night before a lady came by to pick up her order of 3 caramels. Candy always gives cakes as presents to her kids teachers.
Outside this evening I couldn't help but marvel at the wonderful blue sky. There is certainly still a lot of leaves hanging on to the trees.

I know we should enjoy this clear sky today because the prediction of a wind shift will bring the smoke back as early as tomorrow.
 After chores I did gave myself a break while I watched the evening news.
With the high temps today struggling to reach 50 degrees and the forecast lows of low 20's again tonight prompted hubbie to build our first wood stove fire of the season tonight.
We have an electric heat pump but there is just nothing that warms like a wood stove fire !!1
  I spent the rest of the evening icing 23 cakes to end this very busy day after midnight. I am very thankful for the orders this year but it does make me wonder how many more years I will be able to work at this pace even for a couple days ??
This is a perfect day to be thankful for the strength God blesses me with everyday  and my health that keeps me going.
God Bless and Good night

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