Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Feeling a little better this morning after a good Nyquil induced night's sleep. I did chores, had breakfast then went on a nice walk into the lower pastures. Our farm pond has been completely dry for a while now.
The water levels in the creek are low but  surprisingly better than I thought they would be since I haven't been down here for quite awhile.

I  have seen the water level lower during the summer months when it is dry and all the farmers are irrigating.
The pastures sure are very dry and brown .
All these dead leaves still clinging to the trees make me nervous.

Back at the house I started baking for the day. I baked 6 caramel, 2 chocolate and 4 pound cakes then had a late lunch. I don't have much of an appetite and can't taste anything today.
I felt pretty wiped out by the time my ovens were empty so I rested on the couch but didn't nap today.
As I lay there looking around at all I should be doing the thought hit me that my priority should be getting myself over this cold right now instead of worrying about the messy house or the leaves re-filling the yard so I forced myself to stay on the couch until hubbie came in from work. Why do mosy of us women have such a hard time taking a breather once in a while especially when we are sick ????
We did chores and watched the news. The fire news continues to be bad as this fire grew over 1300 acres today and is now over 5700 acres. Please continue to pray !!

While I watched Survivor on TV I crocheted the tops on these 3 towels that a customer brought in to market and asked me to put tops on for her.
November back in 1986 was full of excitement with these three .

I can remember we also made a trip to Boone NC that month to buy a Christmas tree from one of the many farms up there. This is a picture of the beautiful mountains on that trip.
The memory that stands out the most of this trip was the trip home. We spent the day checking out all the tree farms finding the perfect tree with three excited kids had a nice supper in one of the little restaurants and headed home. We got on the Parkway because it was the best and shortest way home. I remember we hadn't driven far before the fog got so thick we couldn't see anything. We couldn't even see road signs so we could find a place to get off. We drove about 10mph for many miles luckily all the kids were fast asleep with dreams of Christmas trees and presents dancing in their heads  !!
That Frasier fir tree was planted in our yard and lived until a couple years ago.
I iced all my cakes and got in bed with another dose of Nyquil since hubbie is staying home tomorrow . He stopped by the minute clinic today and they told him the nasal problems he has had for over 2 weeks is a sinus infection and put him on antibiotics . He is taking tomorrow off to just rest.
Thankful tonight for the strength God gives me each day.
God Bless and Good Night

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