Thursday, November 10, 2016


Market day again so soon ???  At least this morning is a little easier getting ready as hubbie took today off to help put up the Christmas decorations at the market. I was looking very seasonal this morning !!
We made it on time and I got set up to wait for the few customers that I was expecting today. Hubbie went to work on the decorations and got them all done by the time it was time to leave market.

It is looking very Christmas like in here after he finished his work but Fall decor is still available for Thanksgiving.

My table was the advertising picture for this weeks market facebook page.

 Hubbie helped me load then was headed home to blow more leaves away from the house. We have been fearful that some unthinking passerby will flick a cigarette out their window along the road below our house. I have actually went over in my mind what I would grab if a fire started this way. There is so many fires around our area now I don't see how the firemen can fight all of them at one time.

This is a picture last night of the Lake Lure fire which has now grown to almost 900 acres.

With no rainfall in the forecast any time soon everyone in these mountains is very uneasy right now.
After I left market I ran errands and made it home early as I didn't have much shopping to do today.
We decided to put the storage bench together since the replacement for the broken part came in yesterday. It really looks good and held all the toys that were in 2 small toy boxes in the living room. I am really aggravated with the quality of this bench from Target though as we found a crack in the main seat back part tonight as we put it together that we didn't see last week so we will just have to live with this. It doesn't effect the strength of the bench it is just a shame that quality seems to have went by the wayside these days.
At g-son's elementary school they always have a big Veterans Day celebration and today the gym was filled with students and parents listening to Veterans speaking. G-son in his scout shirt announced the "colors" and led the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.
 He looks proud of himself as he sits with these boyscouts and we are very proud of him.
The evening was restful for both hubbie and I as we both are tired from today.
Tonight I am thankful that none of my family is in the line of one of the fires burning across the area.
I know how blessed we are and thank the Lord each day for His awesome Presence in all our lives.
I pray daily for all these folks and for all the animals that are caught in the path of these fast moving fires and most of all I pray for all the firefighters that are spending countless hours working to save homes and get control of these fires.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Wow, tI didn't realize that there were that many fires burning around you state. Praying God keeps you and all those in the fire areas safe. Blessings