Friday, November 4, 2016


Out to enjoy what the weather gurus are calling our last summer like morning today. After chores, breakfast and devotions I took advantage of the warm sunshine and walked for awhile taking in all the beauty of the season around the farm. These are the areas that usually have the most color around here but this year things are kind of drab .

Even the drabness of Fall creates beauty under the gorgeous blue sky.

Here is a late pano of our November garden which is strange as we usually have already put our garden to bed by this time each year.

It is a blessing to still have fresh tomatoes from our garden with even more blooms.

We still even have squash blooms.
We are still getting some delicious blackberries even though they are along side the driveway and get very dusty.
And these Roses have literally bloomed all summer and fall and still have pretty blooms.

I imagine hubbie will need a ladder to harvest some of his guord crop this year. This looks like a guord tree!!!
I am surprised at how some things have continued to produce and even bloom in the drought we are experiencing. Although I think the birds are going to be looking harder for food this winter as the berries are drying up quickly on the plants that usually feed them.
I have never seen these Beauty Berries dry up like this.

Even the favorite Kousa Dogwood berries are dry and black instead of their juicy red color.
These wild Clematis look like brown puffs instead of the pretty white they usually are.
The drought map just keeps getting worse for our area as we are now in the extreme conditions !!

I sure will miss these little morning brighteners when the weather finally gets cold.
Back inside I baked 6 caramel, 2 chocolate, 1 coconut and 2 pound cakes before having lunch.
After lunch I did some housecleaning and brought out my Thanksgiving decorations.
I was resting on the front porch when hubbie got in from work with a hot cup of  tea and a jacket on  for the first time as the breeze that is blowing in the cold front that is predicted to give us our first frost of the season is really cooling things off fast this evening. The sky is certainly clear enough for a cold front to move in and this sliver of a moon really stands out against the darkening blue Fall sky.
Hubbie and I moved all my plants inside this evening just in case the 37 degree  temp forecast for tonight is missed !!!
Friday is my usual watering day but I didn't water them this morning so they would be lighter to carry and I watered them after we got them inside the basement.
There is fewer this year than in the past because of the dry weather most of my herbs are already dead.

 This fern is about 5 years old and has doubled its size this summer.
 I hate moving this prickly Crown of Thorns cactus but I love it's meaning and the fact that each time I look at it I am reminded of Jesus giving His life for our sins.

My Christmas Cactus is full of buds ready to burst into bloom as soon as it feels the warm inside temperature. On the wood stove in the living room is a good "out of reach" place for it this year.
After chores I iced my cakes and then tried to catch up on my blog but still fell short 1 day.  That tells what kind of busy week I've had !!!
Thankful tonight for the blessings of beauty in nature that our wonderful creator gives us each season.
God Bless and Good Night

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