Wednesday, November 23, 2016


An early wake up call this morning from Dolly who barked wanting to go outside. I got up and put both her and Bernie out for a potty break. Since it was 7am and on this morning I had nothing getting me up with an early alarm we all went back to bed. I went back to sleep only to be awakened once again in about 30 minutes by Dolly. This time by her yelp as she hit the floor from falling off our high bed. She is blind but she usually is very careful about searching out the edge of the bed. I got up to check on her and met her walking around the bed toward the bedroom door. I went back to bed once again thinking she was probably going for a drink of water in the kitchen. This time I didn't go back to sleep before I heard her again, this time floundering on the slick flooring of the bedroom. By the sound of it I knew she was having a seizure. Dolly fell down the front porch steps when she was just a puppy and hit her head on a concrete slab at the bottom causing her to have her first seizure. Since then she has had several. some from falling off things , some from getting overheated chasing balls on hot days and some from the flea drops we used to put on her.
This morning the seizure was a really bad one and lasted longer than most . I always pick her up and cuddle her reassuring her to calm down. After she finally stopped jerking today she shivered and whined for a little while before recovering.
I put her in her outside pen while I took care of the rest of the animals this morning and by the time we came back inside she was ready for her breakfast with Bernie.
I had my breakfast while I planned my day. I am all turned around  time wise today as a usual Wednesday would include some baking time.
Housework instead is on today's agenda. I cleaned both bathrooms before lunch. I have been tossing around ideas for my Christmas tree this year in the living room. With g-daughter in her most curious stage right now I have toyed with several ideas of moving furniture to re-locate the big tree,
I gave the living room a good cleaning then moved the couch caty-cornered in front of a bookcase , took out the lamp table next to the computer and decided the tree would be perfect where that table was because it will be easy to gate it off. On g-son's first Christmas he loved to move the lower ornaments around, I remember watching him gently take ornaments off branches and move them to other branches. However there is nothing gentle about how g-daughter does things so I will put all unbreakable ornaments on the tree and see what she does but I will be able to gate it off if needed.
I spent the rest of the afternoon putting away all my Fall decorations inside and outside.  Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I don't like to put up Christmas until  after that my shelves look kind of bare .
Daughter got a taste of reality today and couldn't believe someone actually took advantage of her like that.
Yesterday she went to Verizon to upgrade her phone. She got the phone and was assured by the girl that was helping her that her only increase in payment would be $7 more for her phone payment bringing it to $31 , she left the office.
Later last night I got a message from Verizon since I am the administrator on the account that our bill was increasing by almost $50 due to a $45 equipment  protection plan that was added to the plan.
Today when daughter went back to the Verizon office the girl that she talked to couldn't be found so another man helped her. He said he would take the charge off and had no idea why it was added.
I have been through this a couple times before with unwarranted charges so it didn't surprise me but my kids are all great people and want to think these things don't happen that other people wouldn't do these things to them because they wouldn't do these things to other people.
Hubbie who went back to work today got a nice Thanksgiving surprise and got off at 1:00 this afternoon. After work he went by daughter's to help her with all her recyclables and took them to the recycle place for her on his way home.
He helped get some things moved around in the house and cleaned some in the kitchen while I finished up the living room.
We did chores on the 63 degree day and thankfully the view was a lot less smoky today.

And the sunset was 'wow' this evening !!!

In fact according to another early riser friend of mine the day started out as beautiful as it ended !!
More beauty to behold as this blooming Geranium from the summer is still holding on too this one blossom all through the last few cold nights.
And my Thanksgiving Cactus, wow again as it is really showing itself this year.
And even some man made beauty tonight as daughter sent me this pic of her and Josh's tree.

Thankful today that we have a God who provides a world full of beauty for our enjoyment and for the blessing of being able to take in all God's creations.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Hope you had a very Blessed Thanksgiving.