Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Up early to a much clearer day than yesterday and I even saw traces of a sprinkle of rain overnight as I could see the drops in the dust on everything !!!
Today is an historic day as after all the votes were counted last night we have a president who has never been in any elected office before and is not a politician but rather a billionaire who financed his own campaign and took the middle class vote to become our 45th president in a historically bitter and divisive campaign. This Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton election will go down in history as a vote for change !!

After chores and breakfast I had my devotions as I waited on El and BB to get here to stay while Re went to the hairdresser.
They arrived at 10:00 and went right into playing and watching a movie on tv that EL picked out.
BB is a good baking helper as he was an attentive mixer watcher !!! This boy loves anything with a motor that moves !!  Brought back memories of all the kids before him standing in chairs beside me watching while I get my baking done.
I bought a bag of these blow-outs for g-son's birthday and they have still been a favorite entertainment item. I think I will buy more of these and keep them around !!!

After lunch the two of them rode these little toys up and down the hall many many times racing with one another and laughing.
They were both completely worn out and ready for a nap by the time mom picked them up at 2:00. She had to have part of her hair re-done and it took a lot longer than normal.
Her hair looked really good ,it was shorter than I have ever seen her wear her hair but it was a beautiful and very becoming style for her.
After I rested a few minutes I used this cool, highs in the mid 50's and windy day to search out November decade photos.
November is always a slow month for pics but I found a few years with some things worth photographing and in view of this years election here is an old election ballot from November 1946. Its no wonder that all the old timers just always voted a straight ticket !!!!

I looked up who was running in this election and discovered alot of similarities to this years election. This was a mid-term election and Harry Truman was president after taking over for FDR after his death in April 1945. In this November election the GOP won its first control of the House since 1928 because the people were so fed up with politics as usual and wanted a change !!!!  I am willing to bet that there were no protest after this election as they are today. I saw this on the internet and thought how fitting this may be right now. We as adults recognize that our country was founded on the "majority rules" concept and in every election there is a winner and loser and we accept the majority decision and move on. We teach our children that they don't always win and things don't always go their way and they don't always get what they want !!  So all I can say is it looks like alot of folks missed those lessons !!!!

I ended my day with chores and cake icing after we watched Survivor on TV.
Thankful for my blessing of this day and very Thankful today that we have the freedom to elect our leaders in this country. Praying for God's guidance and blessings on our country today.
God Bless and Good Night.

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