Monday, November 14, 2016


7am came waaaaay tooo early today as I struggled all night with a stopped up nose and didn't sleep much at all. I continued to smell smoke thick and strong in the cold air that blew in these old 33 year old windows in our house and one of those old windows is directly above my head as I lay in bed. The smoke smelled stronger last night than it did all day.
Hubbie had to meet #2 son at a car repair shop at 8:00 this morning to bring him home. Some lady hit Tif's new 4-runner in  a parking lot and he had to have it repaired here as the lady who hit her was paying the $284 bill out of pocket and chose Hill's Body Shop for the repair.
#2 son and hubbie had planned a day of stump grinding at son's house but with the smoke thick and strong this morning son decided he couldn't work out in it all day as he has my sensitivity to smoke.
While g-daughter had breakfast I did the chores and then took a call for all the older hens I advertised last night. The man is coming Wednesday or Thursday to pick all of them up. I hate that I am getting rid of some of the younger hens but I didn't tag the hens last year so I have no way to separate them out. I have been trying to catch who is laying eggs right now but have successfully only identified 2 older layers. I am dedicated to keeping better track from now on. I have about 20 hens and some days am getting only 2 eggs so they gotta go !!!
After hubbie got home we headed over to the farmers market to see if they had any citrus fruit in yet.
This tractor trailer loaded with Christmas trees was a sure sign of the season .
There wasn't much citrus on the market yet but we did buy a bag of tangerines to increase our intake of vitamin C as we both have runny noses today. Don't know if it's the smoke or a cold.
There was mostly still pumpkins and gourds on the market. These were huge pumpkins !!!
 As we left the market and headed back toward home these mountains are usually really pretty as we drive through the Biltmore estate but today they were almost invisible hidden behind a think veil of smoke. I think we both thought maybe the air would be clearer over here but it was worse. I am craving some clear fresh air !!
This is a satellite view of all the smoke from all the fires. I don't know how many miles we would have to drive to get into some clear air as even in Atlanta Georgia folks were advised to wear masks.

Back home we had lunch then a fussy g-daughter and not feeling well hubbie took naps while I got three loads of weekly laundry done.
Bernie the 4-legged kid had a rabies shot appointment at the vet at 3:30 so that was another outing for g-daughter today .
She loved petting this huge 22 pound cat that is the mouser at the vet's office.
We had to wait an hour once again for a rabies shot but we feel like this will probably be poor Bernie's last shot as he is really struggling right now with his enlarged heart especially with the smoke making it harder to breathe.
D-in-love arrived at the same time as we did back home. G-daughter was fast asleep so she and g-son stayed a while to wait for her to wake up. G-son ate the left overs from yesterday's lunch while he waited. It is so good to see him eating some different foods now and watching him really grow !!
After they left we did chores and we watched as this huge helicopter flew over our place heading to  the fire.
They are getting help from all over the country trying to fight this fire as it is being described as the worst fire any of the local firefighters have ever seen.

 Richard Barnwell said it is typical of a western fire not like any mountain fire we have had here. This man was the assistant principle of my old high school and is 74 years old but her keeps doing what he loves, helping others as fire chief of Bat Cave fire department.
Tonight they are using roads for fire breaks and as the governor made another trip to Lake Lure this morning he declared this as the second most dangerous fire in the country right now.
With no rain in the forecast there is no telling when these fires will be contained.
A bright spot on this evening is this beautiful Super Moon that is closer to earth tonight than it has been since 1948  and won't be this close again until 2034.
Hubbie and I both rested tonight sneezing and blowing our noses hoping this is not a sign of things to come !!
Tonight for my thankful note I will second this sign.
It is just amazing to me that these brave firefighters have managed to protect all structures in this fire's path.  I join many more voices in these areas lifted up tonight as we pray for help for these firemen in the form of Heaven sent rainfall.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

I am so glad you are getting help from other states with the fire fighting. Praying you get some rain real soon. Blessings