Saturday, November 19, 2016


Looking around as the alarm went off I tried to remember what day this is ????  I am still all stopped up in my nose and foggy headed in the mornings even without any meds. I was totally horse this morning but my voice came back as the morning went on thankfully.
We got up and got ready for market. It is a nice sunny warm morning but the conditions are forecast to change drastically over the course of this day. After highs on the mid 50's today we are plunging to 25 degrees tonight with 25-30 mph winds making it feel like 11 degrees and then only mid 40's tomorrow.

We made it to market on time and got set up as very few customers were there early.
Hubbie who isn't feeling any better after 2 1/2 days on the amoxicillin he got Wednesday stopped back by the minit clinic on his way home and got a stronger antibiotic. She still told him it was just a sinus infection because his lungs sounded clear.
He made stops at Walmart and Sams and went home to stay inside out of the nasty wind that has started blowing .
After he left business stayed slow but I am grateful for what I did sell. I have a longer list of orders for Tuesday now and will have to put in some extra baking time somewhere this weekend.
My Christmas aprons looked festive on my homemade manaquins in my booth.

I still haven't put out all the my decorations as I am going to wait until Tuesday to get everything up.
I had another order not picked up today that makes two different people in these last two days that didn't pick up. I hardly ever have this happen so this is strange , hope this isn't a trend starting !!!
As I headed out of town after market I sat at a red light and watched while over 450 generous motorcyclist passed by on their way to county court house to drop off toys for the needy kids of Henderson County.

This is a great charity ride and always brings lots of happiness to alot of boys and girls at Christmas time.
As I got closer to home the air wasn't filled with smoke today but dust. In all the plowed fields these dust devils were kicking up plenty of dust to replace the smoke we have been having.
Fortunately even with the very high winds we have today the Party Rock fire only grew about 500 acres in the past 24 hours thanks to the great work of all the firefighters .
Winter storm Argos is skirting to the north of our area only leaving us cold temps and winds and dropping up to 24 inches of snow in places as it moves east.
I made stops at Ingles and Aldi on the way home for baking supplies. After getting things unloaded and put away hubbie and I had about a 30 minute rest period before it was time to do chores. I put the plastic covers on the chicken house windows this evening. I think this might be the latest I have ever done this.
While we were outside I boiled a dozen eggs and when we came inside I made a plate of deviled eggs to go with the 7-layer salad I made last night.
We were a little late getting to the family Thanksgiving but we weren't the latest ones . We had this at the GE gym since bro-in-law Marty works at GE and has access to its facilities. It was cold in there tonight since the heaters were all broken but all the good food and fellowship warmed up the place quickly.
And the kids all had a great time playing in the gym. This was g-daughter's first time being turned loose to play and she loved it while brother kept a watchful eye on her.

It was a good time of family and friends togetherness to begin the holiday season.
Hubbie and I got home at about 8:00 and rested for the cold evening. We will probably bite the bullet and build our first fire in the wood stove tomorrow and pray that no sparks escape. We have both stayed cold tonight despite the heat pump running constantly.
This Christmas cactus is in beautiful full bloom now so this year it is definitely a "Thanksgiving" cactus.

The cold wind is blowing through the window above the computer and my hands are freezing while I write this blog post.
Thankful tonight for the love of a great family.
God Bless and Good Night

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