Monday, November 7, 2016


G-daughter arrived at 7am which felt like she was coming in late !
Hubbie got her breakfast and I did chores in the 35 degree cool morning. There is a smokey / foggy haze today from the fire still burning in Lake Lure.
After I had my breakfast I started laundry for the week. Between 3 loads of laundry I helped with a sickly g-daughter as she didn't feel well at all today. She has a really snotty nose and sounds really congested but I can't tell that she has a fever and she doesn't act like she has much of a fever but is continually digging at her ears.
She ate some chicken fries for lunch. When I saw these in the grocery last week I remembered that g-son loved these when he was her age.
After lunch we decided to take her outside where she had pointed all morning wanting to go. I smelled smoke earlier but now the smell was gone and the air looked pretty clear we are thinking the winds have shifted direction.
She loves "crowing" back and forth with the roosters !!!  She is surely not her happy smiling self today .
She did okay while hubbie and I got started washing the sunroom windows. We didn't get this done last year, I don't remember exactly why, maybe rainy weather , not sure but anyway they sure needed a cleaning this year. We removed the screens and while hubbie took them to the water spigot and washed them I washed the windows and frames.

About half way through we stopped and got g-daughter to sleep for her afternoon nap. She conked right out , bless her heart I hate when she feels bad she is pretty pitiful.
While she slept we brought the monitor outside and finished the window washing. G-daughter only slept about 30 minutes so while hubbie tried to rock her back to sleep I washed the insides of all the windows. They really look nice I just hope we get some rain soon to dampen the dust before they get all dusty again.

D-in-love came after g-daughter and after they went home hubbie walked down and threw the football with g-son for a while. He has decided he wants to try playing football next Fall.
I took a much needed rest out on the porch and had a cup of hot green tea. It is still a strange feeling to sit out without a jacket and look at the blooming flowers in November !!!

It was soon time to do chores as the time change brings darkness so much earlier.
After chores I rode my stationary bike while talking to sis-in-law Sandy and then worked on my blog.
The news is not good as more fires have started all around WNC today.
The fire that is causing us smokey problems is getting too close for comfort to these really nice homes on the side of this mountain.
This is an aerial view of the fire and the lake.
Many areas of WNC have the sun obscured by smoke today.
Finally this afternoon the Forest Service issued a burning ban for all of WNC. Not even charcoal grilling is allowed !! We have been wondering what they were waiting for to do this !!
Hope this will help but I doubt it will as it is just so dry and I am praying that this warmer weather hangs around until we get some rain so folks don't have to start lighting up those wood stoves !!
Thankful tonight for mine and hubbie's health and the strength He gives us each day to get jobs done around here and take care of the kids.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Sure hope g-daughter is feeling better soon. I love all the pictures you posted. The view out the sunroom windows is so relaxing to me. Praying you get some rain real soon. Blessings