Saturday, November 12, 2016


The smell of smoke this morning is strong around our place from the fire burning just to the east of us.
We did chores and headed to town to the market to hopefully escape the smokey haze of the morning.
Market was slow today but a lady who came in and bought 6 caramel cakes and 2 breads made my day for sales today along with the 3 cakes I already had on orders.
Town became chokingly filled with smoke as the afternoon rolled around. This is a picture a friend of mine took from atop Jump Off Mt , usually you can see the entire city of Hendersonville from this spot but not today !!

My eyes were burning and my nose started pouring as I loaded the Honda. I headed for the nearest drug store to buy a face mask to help. This is the preferred attire for this afternoon !!!
It helped as my nose stopped running and the sneezing stopped after I had it on for just a few minutes. A fireman that I know said the "painters" mask that have charcoal in them are the best and hubbie is a painter so he has some of these at home if I have to spend much time outside I will borrow one of his.
I made one other stop at Aldi on the way home for cook-out supplies for tomorrow and baking supplies for next week. It is the week before Thanksgiving and I usually have orders for all the market days prior to the holiday but so far only have orders for next Saturday and the following Tuesday.
Hubbie who was blowing leaves away from the house when I got here helped me unload and then I took these pics of the dense smoke.

The sun was circled  in red this evening from all the smoke particles in the air. It was an erie sight and one that I have never seen before.

I dawned a Painter's mask when I went out to do the evening chores . Hopefully the winds are changing overnight and blowing the smoke out of here but then someone else will be dealing with it so I guess we'll all take a turn !!!
We had supper then settled in for a restful evening.
The news is definitely not good from the fire fighting front tonight as the fire gained another 1000 acres in the last 24 hours bringing it to 2883 acres and is still only 15% contained. They have made a dozer line above the businesses along highway 64 in Chimney Rock to hopefully stop the fire from getting to them. It looks too close for comfort and we just pray that it doesn't jump that dozer line on the side of the mountain.
This Esmeralda restaurant already burned once several years ago and I know these owners are very concerned.
This map shows the location and  magnitude of this fire .
It looks very scary in this picture taken tonight.
As I came inside tonight I noticed this almost full supper moon also is red from the smoke particles.
We are praying that the weather forecasters are correct and we get some rain tomorrow to help the firefighting efforts.
As I looked at this last blooming Geranium on the front porch and hubbie was busily gleaning all the tomatoes from our garden I sighed as the growing season will come to an end tonight with the first freezing temps of the season.

Praying tonight for all the folks in these fires paths and for the fire fighters that are risking their lives to keep houses and businesses safe.
Thankful for the loving safety arms of our loving Lord as He wraps them around each of His children and never brings us to anything that He will not help us through.
God Bless and Good Night.

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