Friday, November 11, 2016


Saying a thankful prayer to start out this Veteran's Day 2016 to all the men and women that are willing to serve this great country and maintain the freedoms we all enjoy.
After chores ,breakfast and devotions this morning I took a nice walk for the first time this week.
I don't smell the smoke from the fires this morning but I still have the nagging sinus pain I have had all week so I can tell this isn't our normal fresh clear Fall air I breath today.
It is soooooo dry the pastures are totally brown now.
And there isn't much change from last week in the leaf color and there are many still clinging to the trees.
I came back inside and did some re-arranging in the sunroom since it is supposed to be the first freezing temps this weekend I will need to run the Eden Pure heater and need more space in there. I put away the walker that g-daughter no longer needs and put her big stroller in the basement easy to get to if I need it. As cooler weather gets here we will be going outside less.
I baked cakes ,6 caramel and 2 pound cakes before lunch.
I am very glad to see someone make use of the lounge chairs soaking up some of this nice warm sunshine today.

I needed to sew some Christmas aprons and bonnets so I went into my sewing shop and cut out several aprons and a red medium bonnet.
When my shoulders began to tell me that was enough cutting for one day I came inside and sewed the medium sized red bonnet up.
Hubbie came in from work and we watched the news which is not good about the Lake Lure fire. This fire jumped containment lines this morning and with the 20-30 mph winds we have had today is now doubled in size to almost 2000 acres. We can now see the smoke from our community. All the major roads, 64/74 and hwy 9 , in and out of the Chimney Rock / Lake Lure area are closed causing major detours.
To think that we are able to drive to this area in less than 15 minutes means this fire is getting too close for comfort. Even though we don't live in the mountainous terrain we do have many trees around our houses.  Tonight it is a very scary looking fire and more evacuations are being announced in the Chimney Rock village and notices went up in the Bat Cave area of our county.

As I looked at the sunset tonight that reminds me of the fire I silently prayed for all the folks who are in the fires path and for the safety of all the firefighters as a record 23,000+ acres now burn in western NC and with no rain in sight this number is expected to climb significantly !!!
After chores I iced my cakes and then watched the first UNC basketball game tonight against Tulane.They won big but it was a close game until half time.
Thankful tonight for the many Veterans who are willing to lay down their lives for my freedom.
God Bless and Good Night.

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