Sunday, November 27, 2016


A coughing night once again had to be quelled with some Vicks on the bottoms of my feet. But I notice as the nights go on each time I use this treatment it seems to get less effective.
The weather forecasters sure missed the low temperature for this morning as they all called for 28 or 29 and it is a cold 20 degrees when I went out to break the thick ice covers on all the water bowls for the animals.
Hubbie picked ice covered Kale greens this morning to have for lunch, that should make them taste even better !!!
I put all the Thanksgiving left overs , the turkey , green beans,corn, mashed potatoes,gravy and a can of veg-all into a big bowl and mixed them all up with some extra turkey broth and put the bowl in the frig. This mixture will go into pie crust wen we get back from church for turkey pot pie.
Loving my new boots !!!
 We made it to church a little early and had time to visit a little before the service started.
The Advent season started today and the first Advent candle of Hope was lit today by our music minister's family.

 The message was from Mathew about the faith of Joseph and his obedience to God over and over again.
We came home to have lunch with #1 son and the kids. D-in-love is on a girl's weekend and g-daughter has not been happy about that. She seemed to be craving some female companionship today.
 The Turkey pot pie was very good , I think the best I have ever made and it was enjoyed. After they left hubbie went outside to tackle the leaves before the promised rainfall gets here. The amount of rain they are saying we could get could certainly cause problems if it comes down heavily as the ground is so hard and dry it will run off. The weather forecasters have put out landslide and flash flood watches for all areas especially where the fires have burned the vegetation off the mountain sides.
Hubbie and I did chores a little early so we could get up to our church's Hanging of the Greens service tonight. G-daughter was bored with the whole thing and found other things to do to entertain herself.

 G-son was very good during the service and helped with g-daughter's antics.
Time to hang the ornaments on the trees.

G-daughter watches as her dad hangs hers really high on the tree.
 The sanctuary is always so beautiful after this service with all the decorations in place. That's d-in-love providing violin music for the service.
We came home around 7)00 and the temperature is already in the 30's headed they predict once again only into the upper 20's ??? The air does feel differently than it has in many days as moisture heads our way. They are however reducing the amount of rain that actually reaches our area so I guess we will wait and see what comes our way.
The second winter storm was named today and is set to drop more snow across the upper mid west. They haven't said where Blanch will go later this week.
Thankful tonight to be celebrating another Advent season . The Hope of the world lies in our Savior Jesus Christ back in the days of His birth as well as today.
God Bless and Good Night.

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