Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Please get out and exercise the right that many brave souls have fought and died to give you today !

The alarm was late again today as I was already awake and getting dressed before the 8am alarm sounded. This new time is not agreeing with my internal clock time !!!

I had chores and breakfast done before g-son and g-daughter came today. Schools are closed today for election day but d-in-love has to work.
After they both ate huge breakfasts the playtime began.
It was an interesting day to say the least as these two struggled to play together !!!
G-son got out his Lincoln Logs and had to shut g-daughter out of his building area as all she wanted to do was knock down all his building and suck on the logs !!!

G-daughter still isn't feeling well at all and he nose is constantly running green snot today, bless her heart.
She soon found her own toys to play with and all was well.

We ate lunch and then g-daughter went down for her regular 30 minute nap. While she napped I cleaned my bathrooms. At least these rooms will get their cleaning this week !!
G-son wanted to go outside and play but he said his eyes burned in all the smoke that is hanging low in our area from the Lake Lure fire which is now over 300 acres and still uncontained. Evacuation orders were being implemented this afternoon.

When g-daughter woke up g-son was playing with his old Criss-Cross-Crash racetrack. These pics were taken shortly before g-daughter was shut out of the playroom, haha . She thought it was a game of "grab the car" as it raced by her !!

We made it through the day without major brother / sister  issues !!
After d-in-love picked them up at 3:30 I tried to rest out on the porch in the rocker but had the same reaction as g-son with burning eyes and throat.
I think the drought has had a negative effect on the Persimmon seed winter weather predictions around here. These are the seeds from our tree that we cut open. One out of the four had a clear spoon, one looked like it might have a knife , the other two look like we might be in for some tornadoes this winter, haha.
This is the three choices we look for .
Fork on the left means mild winter, knife in the middle means cutting cold weather, spoon on the right means lots of snow to shovel.
In previous years our seeds have had clear images in them but not this year !!!
It's hard to tell if the clouds or smoke is having the most effect on the sunset tonight.
After chores and my bike ride tonight I watched the news of the election. This is the biggest decision American voters have had to make in many years . Which ever way the vote goes today will indeed have a historic effect on this great nation of ours.
I have watched some people stress majorly over who to cast their vote for, have heard some folks say they can't vote because neither candidate holds their values, have even seen tears at voting stations as folks struggle to pick the best candidate.
As for me I voted early, I voted for the candidate whose platform was closet to my beliefs, I didn't stress or shed any tears because I know my fate is not or never will be held in either of these candidates hands. My fate and faith is totally in the hands of Jesus Christ and always will be. He will lead me and care for me and pave the road ahead of me with His glory . I will sleep well tonight no matter any election results !
So thankful today that this is soooooooo true !!
God Bless and Good Night