Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Getting back into bed with g-daughter this morning to wait the 8am alarm was pretty futile as she was not interested in any more sleep today !!
She had breakfast and then I got her ready for day care. She walked into the church and then marched right into her room like a big girl. It makes me glad to see her like this little time away from home this much.
I came back home to do the chores and have my breakfast.
By the time I get back it is 9:00 and when I get chores done and have breakfast and devotions I don't have very much time left to get anything started. I changed the bed covers this morning then it was time to head back to town to pick her up.
She was very tired as usual and was asleep as soon as we hit the street.
She slept for an hour after we got home. I had a light lunch as I don't feel great today. I think my two days of Halloween candy fun is taking its tole on my sensitive stomach !!!
I changed out the rugs in both bathrooms while she slept . When she woke up she was not hungry but did eat a  few green beans before she pitched a fit to get out of her high chair.
We played for awhile until I noticed one of my pullets in the back yard. I put g-daughter in the stroller and went up and got her back in her lot. I have no idea how she got out as she is in the covered lot and couldn't have flown over the fence.
G-daughter was unimpressed with my chicken herding skills !!!!
I pushed her around the drive a couple times to see if she needed more sleep but she didn't so we came inside to play in the sunroom.
A g-daughter sized pumpkin !!!!
She got so sleepy by the time her mom came after her that she was staggering around but she refused to even lay in my lap for a nap !!! She is one stubborn little girl.
After she went home I cleaned the bathrooms and all the glass in the house before taking a nice break.
This is another beautiful upper 70's day and this was a nice way to rest for a few minutes watching as a light breeze blew more colorful leaves loose from the trees and they slowly fluttered down to join the ba-zillion already on the ground this year.
This month's "view from here" picture displays the drought condition we are in as the browning pastures on both sides of the road signal an early hay feeding year for the cattle.
There is still no rain of any significance coming in the fore-seeable future.
A normal November looks like the chart below. I wonder what we will get ???
I did chores and then rested for a while before going downstairs and putting in my stationary bike riding for the night to try and improve my leg muscle strength.
I am still not feeling up to par tonight and am looking forward to an early bedtime.
Found this drone photo of downtown Hendersonville at 7pm tonight. I wanted to post this and then post one next Monday night when daylight savings time ends to show the difference.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and praying that God watch over my family as we start a new month. Thankful for my wonderful family and our new additions this year on this first day of the "Thanksgiving " month.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

Oh, how I wish I could send you our rain. It is raining again today. This has been the wettest October in many years. November is starting out like October. We still have humidity levels in the 60 - 90 % range which is very unusual for WI this time of yer. Parts of my lawn are so wet I have standing water and they never dry out. Prying this isn't a sign of what winter will be like. Blessings