Monday, November 28, 2016


The Monday morning after any holiday is blahhhhh !!!  G-daughter arrived at 7am but thankfully hubbie who is an early riser anyway got up to get her breakfast so I could sleep a little longer. My night time coughing spells are still going and after I tried drinking some warm honey before I went to bed last night the cough woke me up at about 2am and I had to get out the Vicks for my feet again. It worked and that is the last time I woke up until this morning thankfully.
After I did chores and had my breakfast we put g-daughter in my Pilot and we followed hubbie on the tractor across the road to give the cattle a roll of hay before the rains start this afternoon.

The cattle were glad to see us and we fed them up on high ground just in case we do get a flood. The forecast has changed for our area but you never know what will happen.
We came back home and had lunch of leftovers from yesterday, G-daughter loves my mac and cheese.
After lunch I tackled the weekly three loads of laundry while g-daughter and hubbie played then she took a short nap. She looks all snuggled in.
Hubbie went outside to get some things in out of the rains as it has been so long since we have had to worry about this he said he had better look around to see what needed to be put up.
After a short nap g-daughter who is excited about the lights on the Christmas tree went with us to bring all my plastic bins of decorations up from the storage building.
I am giving myself this week for the inside decorating. If I don't get it done this week its not happening. Since the rains are coming I will do the outside next week. I love the years that Thanksgiving comes early !!!
The only decorating I got done today was changing the curtain valences in the living room.
I am planning on letting g-daughter help put ornaments of the tree tomorrow, I'll bet that will be interesting !!!
D-in-love picked her up about 4:30 today and then hubbie and I did chores. The sky is socked in with clouds but no rain has reached us yet.
I rested and watched the news then enjoyed some Christmas music from the CMA country Christmas program.
I am getting in the spirit early this year and I am glad as some years I wonder if the Christmas spirit is ever going to come.
Also did a little cyber Monday shopping tonight for the kids !!!!
Loving that we can celebrate the birth of our precious Savior's birth this season.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Praying you get the much needed rain. Blessings