Tuesday, January 10, 2017


I woke up this morning and left a sleeping g-son in bed. He looked so peaceful and also so BIG !! How did he get so big ,as I remember the days gone by that I would wake with his little face against mine saying "its morning time Neena" , time please slow down !!!
Snowy sunrise !!!

I went downstairs to let the dogs out and stoke the fire and when I came back upstairs he was getting up.
It reminded me of old times when he wrapped up in a blanket in the recliner and watched cartoons while I fixed him waffles for breakfast.
I did the outside chores before d-in-love brought g-daughter to spend the day while she worked on this optional workday.
She was also content to watch cartoons from the seat in her car with her Belkie bear !
It is already warming this morning into the lower 30's with an expected high of around 40 today.
The clouds and sun fought for position all morning with the sun finally winning out around lunchtime.
I watched this one as she sat on the sunroom steps and watched birds for a while.
It is hard to get anything else done when she is here unless she is confined in her highchair or bouncy seat .
As g-son watched old time cartoons on my old laptop this little sneaky girl knew exactly where the on/off button was. Starting off with the very innocent look and then moving right in for the take down!!!

G-son finally decided it would be better to let her join him than have to watch her sneaky moves.
She's gonna miss him when school starts back !!
D-in-love got off early and met daughter for a pedicure then came to pick up g-daughter.
G-son wanted to stay to see if school would be canceled again tomorrow so he could spend another night.
The sun and above freezing temps have really reduced the snow amount today making a lot of slick mud to carefully walk around in now.
#1 son couldn't work in his grading business today so he framed in some of the rooms in the upstairs of their house.
When hubbie came in from work we did chores then we had to walk into the bottom pasture to bring Sadie back to the house. She has been out all day and hung around the back yard until after lunch. When I went to look for her at feeding time I saw her down there just wandering around. Sometimes she acts like she has no directional sense anymore. I keep telling myself at her age it is going to take longer for her to heal from the accident since Thursday will only be 2 weeks.
I'm just glad for her sake and all the other animals sake that the temps are going to warm up for awhile.
After chores the call came in that schools would be on a 2-hour delay tomorrow so g-son sadly went home.
He gave orders for hubbie and I to pray for more snow each night in our prayers !!!
Bless his heart I couldn't tell if he hated to leave here or hated to have to go back to school the worst.
He likes it here I'm sure because he gets all the attention and is the "only" child again but I remember the snowdays even when I was in school and how it hurt to have to get back in the regular routine of school.
It is 37 tonight at 11:00 and is supposed to warm up overnight with all the clouds moving in with the rain that is coming tomorrow. That will surely take all the remaining snow away.
Hubbie and I watched TV tonight and relaxed.
Grateful to God for a blessing filled day and the joy that grandkids bring.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

Cherish those precious days. As you said g-son is growing up way too fast. Blessings