Sunday, January 29, 2017


A cloudy quiet Sunday morning greeted us today. The outside air is laden with moisture and the stillness feels like snow is coming.
After chores I cooked macaroni noodles and put my mac and cheese and ham casserole in the crock pot today instead of trying to bake it in the oven and keep it warm until we get home from church.
Today is the day the Associate Pastor Craig gives his trial sermon and we vote yes or no to give him the senior pastorship in our church so I have no idea how long church will run today.
Hubbie and I arrived early to an already almost full parking lot. Josh and daughter came to our church today along with #1 son's family. D-in-love is still not feeling up to par so she played her violin for a couple songs then took g-daughter home to get naps.
The sermon Craig gave was very inspirational and there was a good response  then he and his family left church while we conducted the business of voting. We will not know what the outcome is for a while as if he was voted in with 75% of the vote he will then be given ample time to decide for sure that is where God wants him to be. Then the congregation will be notified. If he doesn't get the 75% vote there was no plans for when we would be notified. I certainly hope this young man gets the vote of affirmation from the congregation. As I looked around today there were several church members who don't attend church regularly there to vote so maybe that was a good sign and they will start attending if Craig is voted in.
After the service we had lunch with Josh and daughter and #1 son and g-son here.
When everyone left hubbie and I went out to put out hay to the cattle and horse . Aa is coming back from Ohio today from spending yesterday up there for an interview from the guardian ad litem that is handling his nieces custody case so we have been taking care of all his animals.
I pray that he makes it home safely tonight with all the snow that is falling between there and here.
This is the prediction map from our area.
You can see the leading edge of the snowy front this afternoon as it moves in from the north.We typically don't get much accumulation with systems coming in from this direction but who knows.

Hubbie and I came inside out of the cold and I snuggled with the 4-legged kids for awhile not feeling very good but not able to put my finger on exactly why. Taking the Air Borne and praying I don't catch any of the sickness that is going around right now.
Tonight things are quickly getting a white coating of snow .
As I surfed around the net tonight I saw this and thought about how true this is and I hope all the news media who are so against him and all the protestors that are still crazily getting on TV with the presidents every move from the biased news media might read this and realize the truth in it.
I am thankful that I know that God is ultimately in control and I can rest in the peace that His will will be done !
Thankful for a blessed Sunday .
God Bless and Good Night


linda m said...

Yes, God is definitely the one in the "driver's seat". I feel that whether you voted for Trump or not we he at least deserves the courtesy of us giving him a chance. I'll say a prayer for you that you aren't getting sick and I have been praying of Aa and Re that they will soon get custody of their nieces. Blessings

Betsy Adams said...

Hi There, Just wanted you to know that I still read your posts most all of the time.... Congrats on the new upcoming grandbaby... How exciting... You will have another one to KEEP.... Yeah!!!!!

Sounds like you all are getting much more snow than we are this winter so far. So far, we have had almost NONE. Yesterday they said that we would get some ---but we only had flurries.... Crazy winter --along with the fact that we had about 3 weeks of very warm temps. The early spring flowers are already trying to surface... YIPES....

I don't understand the anger --mostly all caused by the left-wingers along with the horrible media... I say let's give Trump a chance... I really like most of the things he is doing so far....