Thursday, January 12, 2017


This day started out with "Murphy's Law" true to its form for sure !!!
As I got up early with intentions of getting to Curb Market for a while this morning to see what the customer activity is like today I started by turning Dolly and Bernie out for their morning potty break.
Then Flash and Sadie who spend the night inside downstairs in their crates were turned out. Sadie was walking more steadily this morning but went straight up to her favorite daytime sleeping place under the Azalea bushes on the upper side of the house.
I went outside to turn Annie out and then took care of the chickens. As I came back to the house I spotted Bernie acting strange. When I got close to him I realized he had managed to get very nasty in the short time he was out.  UHHHH !
I had to give him a complete bath and then wash the bath tub all before I even had my breakfast or maybe thankfully before I had my breakfast, but by then I was feeling pretty weak and almost sick at my stomach. 
I had my breakfast and then headed into town now only about 30 minutes later than planned. Since I was this late I decided to stop at GNC on the way and see what they would do about the double credit card charge.  Thankfully I did stop this morning because the cashier said it was the banks problem. I argued that it was GNC's problem because it wasn't a complete duplicate since the reference numbers were different on each charge.  Then she tried to say that maybe someone else had gotten my credit card number and actually made the same purchase ?????   To that I ask for the manager . She happened to be there this morning for a meeting and told the cashier to give me a refund since they were not even open on December 25th !!!!!
This took much longer than I had hoped and I decided I would just drive by market and if there weren't any cars there would just go on with my errands. Surprisingly there were several customer cars at market so I decided to try my luck selling today.
I was very surprised at the number of folks who came through market today. Maybe since it is such a nice 60+ degree day with bright sunshine??  I sold most of my eggs and only $19 worth of baked goods so for me the jury is still out on if it is worth my effort to come on Thursdays ????
It feels very strange to be in just a sweater today with not even a jacket when 3 days ago the temperature was below freezing and the cold wind actually hurt my face when I went outside with several layers of clothing on.
And this hardly looks like a January temperature, 67 ??  !!!
I left market about an hour early as after lunch the aisles totally cleared out of sellers and customers. I ran the weekly errands and took a stroll through the Habitat restore. Their prices seem to be climbing each time I am in there so nothing came home with me today but I did see this sign that inspired me !
I picked up groceries and baking supplies at Aldi and Walmart and stopped at Chick-f-la for a salad for a late lunch and supper combo ! I met daughter out at school to give her a dozen eggs for her friend teacher who always gets a dozen a week from me.
I got home at 4:00 , unloaded and then had my salad. I had the grilled chicken market salad and it was very good .
I rested for a few minutes with a cup of hot green tea until it was chore time.
We watched the news then face-timed with BB and EL to wish BB a happy birthday, He turns 2 years old Sunday !!!!  He acted like he was so excited. They are still in Ohio awaiting the custody trial for Re's nieces and Aa is here running their farm and working. I pray continuously that this mess is resolved soon and they can get on with their lives together !
Hubbie and I relaxed for the evening. Hubbie is the first to get a head cold from this weather change but I'm sure he won't be the last !!
Seems with the beginning of each new year the Curb Market looses members 2017 is no exception as one of the older members went to that big market in the sky this week. Larry Ball and his wife Nancy were instrumental in getting me involved in market and getting me established with a table.
Larry as the chairman of our board for many years when I began selling at market.

Thankful for the blessings of this day and for the love He gives me each day.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

I am glad you are having such warm weather; ours is still bitter cold with a very "raw" wind. Thanks for the update on Re and Aa. I pray every day that this mess gets resolved soon and those precious girls find a loving home. Such a sad story. Have a great weekend. Blessings